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Watch this. Seriously. (And then watch it again.)

As ugly as both there parts are its a pretty scene

Couldn’t disagree more with the comments. Both parts are anything but ugly, and the results are fantastic.

He essentially edged himself inside her, pulled out, and I’m pretty confident he ruined his orgasm in the process. But show he produced in the process was well worth it. I want to reproduce this myself. Sadly, I lack the intact foreskin, so it’ll be only a loose approximation.


Strongly. It’s an utterly absurd thing to keep outlawed. When you break down the descriptions of what it consists of, and what people use to decide it’s wrong, you can apply the same to nearly any skilled trade. We “exploit” all workers and their skills based on their desperation for money. No matter what field you look at, you can find people who range from loving to hating their job, from being overpaid to underpaid, from having great bosses to terrible bosses or even being self-employed, from having wonderful self-picked clients to terrible clients forced upon them by their system, from working the job out of passion for it to pure desperation, and so on and so forth. There’s virtually nothing you can say about sex work that you can’t say about other forms of work, including finding utterly evil examples of its worst (why aren’t factory workers outlawed due to child labor violations and horrible work conditions?). The reality is work is work, and many people go into this field happily, intelligently, get paid appropriately, work safely, and do what they do by choice. The fact that you don’t like the job and can think of terrible examples of it doesn’t justify the ban.

(Source: free-speach4sexworkers)


Stupenda sborrata in fronte

Great coating she gets.

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