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There’s a certain tone to this. I feel like the primary role for the blonde on the bottom is to swallow the cum. In my head she lay patiently underneath the couple during the entire act, assisting each in their orgasms with her tongue, and anticipating the moment when her main reason for involvement would come. I bet the girl on top never so much as grazed this girl’s clit with her tongue, focusing exclusively, and selfishly on her own orgasm from the pounding she was receiving, all the while happily knowing she wouldn’t have to worry about the discomfort of his cum seeping out of her pussy for the rest of the evening, as someone else would be disposing of it. And finally as the moment came, and he began to groan and pull out, the blonde’s job took hold, and she grabbed his cock and pumped him solidly, eagerly, and efficiently onto her tongue and down her throat, milking every last drop and ensuring nothing touched the priss on top who just wasn’t a fan of the stuff. And with her job complete the two on top left her alone to take care of her own orgasm.

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