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A perfect video.

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I’d love to have a cock this big… for a day. 24 hours. That’s it. I’m honestly not sure it would even fit in SarianaX (I’m not kidding; she’s spectacularly tight), and if we did manage to get it in there the time and effort involved might have us too exhausted to fuck. After that I’m pretty sure I’d have nothing but jacking off to look forward to for the remaining 24 hours, as she’d need a day or two to heal, and if I even joked about her ass as an option I can’t imagine what she’d say. As for oral, the best I could probably hope for is her licking the tip while I jacked off, ‘cause there’s no way the head would get in her mouth.

Yep. All told, 24 hours would make for a really cool, unique experience. Any more than that and I’d be looking for a new girlfriend.

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