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Good and/or bad news

So my official chastity run came to an end last night. Without overwhelming you with personal details that aren’t my place to share, SarianaX agreed to end my current run. It was partially due to a slightly alcohol-fueled begging session on my part with offers to do “anything” to fuck her, and partially due to the fact that had I not so royally fucked up a couple days prior by ejaculating, she was going to set me free anyway because my cock is just that good. She may or may not agree with that wording, but I’m writing this, not her.

Anyway, there was some bargaining on my part and some stipulations made. For the next two weeks I’ll still remain in my chastity cage, but will be released by her for sex. Otherwise I won’t be allowed alone with my cock. Besides that, she has the right to ruin my orgasm as she pleases and… the right to demand I clean up after myself. That one’s scary, as that idea doesn’t bother me in the least when I’m horny… but the moment I’ve blown my load, that all goes away.

Long story short, we fucked, I successfully lasted through her orgasm (another stipulation of hers, or it was back to plan A with 56 days remaining), and blasted a large amount of cum across her pussy before shoving it back in to fill her with who knows how much was left. And she did, indeed, order cleanup which was… not easy for the reasons stated above, but I did, in fact, manage, and got myself up again to get her off one more time.

So that’s it for now. I’m in the cage right now, and I’m still in SOME form of chastity, but abstinence is no longer required. She merely owns my cock for the next couple of weeks. And I can work with that.

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