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Chastity cage update

All right, so last night I switched into my new Bon4Plus. Removing the old one was interesting, and sarianax suggested I take the opportunity to clean my cock, but quickly realized she didn’t trust me alone with it (I’ll explain why below), so washed it for me. Which was nice. Now I’m feeling more into the idea of regular cleanings. ;)

I messed with the different ring sizes and decided to follow all the advice I read online which was to start with the smallest, despite the second-smallest being the same size as the CB6000 ring I settled on.

Putting it on wasn’t as bad as I feared based on reviews. Maybe my experience with other devices helped. It wasn’t EASY, but I also did it without help. Getting the ring around my balls took some work, particularly as I followed the advice to lube the ring, but eventually I slipped one through, and the other followed easily once most of my scrotum was on the other side to guide it. Slipping my cock through after that was a bit of a feat, though, further suggesting getting out of this thing was going to be hard.

I tested out the comfort with me at full erection ( sarianax was very helpful with that), and while it was tight, it wasn’t painful, so I felt pretty good about it, allowing us to continue with the cage portion.

That was harder, mainly because I had to get soft. After five days in confinement, getting soft wasn’t especially easy. We watched some TV to help. I took advice I’d read online and used one of her thigh-highs to guide myself into the cage. In particular I’d read this advice for intact men for ensuring the foreskin stays forward, and while my cock is of the mutilated variety, my restoration efforts have been coming along and I decided to try to keep what skin I’d gained so far as far forward as possible. I was hoping it would help promote the de-keratinization of my glans like the 12 days in the cage last time did (even if it’s temporary), would help reduce any reversal of progress from not continuing my efforts by keeping the skin pulled forward, and it might look cool. It worked, and the skin managed to cover a rather large portion of my head, although unevenly. I don’t know if it’ll have the other desired effects, but so far it looks pretty cool that way.

Once that was done, the strap went around the ring (an involved process, but not difficult), and when I felt like I was as comfortable as I would be, the lock went on.

The cage is really interesting, particularly because it pushed my balls forward and slightly outward, giving me a rather larger overall package and putting my balls in a very tight position. But it managed to be much more comfortable than I thought likely for that. Even sitting was fine.

The best part, though, without question, was realizing that unlike the CB6000, getting out of this thing would be hell. Thanks to the grip of the silicone, the tightness of the ring, and the overall configuration, pulling out, while clearly not impossible as with any non-piercing-based cage, was going to be extremely prohibitively hard. Which is good, because I pulled myself out of my CB6000 twice in the last week (SarianaX hasn’t yet told me what my punishment will be) when I was alone with it after using baby oil in it and in the shower. It was so easy that it quite depressed me to the whole concept. And getting it back in was nearly as easy. It basically ensured I could yank my cock out and jack off with ease any time I pleased. Yes, I realize that I already knew that from my epic ruined orgasm from a year and a half ago, but being reminded both of that fact, and the fact that when it comes to my cock I have NO willpower, was rough on me. The Bon4Plus breathes life back into this kink for me. And probably as, if not more, important than how hard it would be to pull out of this thing is how hard it would be to put myself back in it after I did. I’ll probably continue to avoid the word “impossible,” but it looks like it would be damn near it. Insanely hard, at the least. Combined, there’s no way in hell I could do it while taking a bathroom break or showering. Plus, assuming my foreskin doesn’t naturally shift, I think its placement would be a dead giveaway if I did re-seat it. Without using the thigh-high to get it back into place, I couldn’t possibly get the same result. That might be a good enough reason alone to maintain my foreskin forward like this. Accountability.

Sleep, however, turned out to be a very different story. I had started to finally get used to the CB6000 in that regard, and yesterday morning I woke up with minimal erection pains after a mostly event-free night. This morning was quite different, with my balls in excess pain all night, and me up very early from it. I had to get up to go pee to try to help alleviate it, and use other tricks. I think one thing that hurt me in general is a rather obvious one: with the ring so tight, it acts as a cock ring, which ensures my erection lasts MUCH longer than it would naturally. So simply refocusing isn’t enough, as the blood can’t drain quickly enough. So my erections weren’t brief, and the tightening was pretty bad. So when SarianaX’s alarm clock went off and she woke up, I asked her for permission to be unlocked to refit the device with a more comfortable ring, and she agreed, as she had suspected this one was too tight all along.

With my cock freed again, I gave it some time off from the cage for my skin to rest. I managed to avoid playing with myself, or really even touching myself beyond what was necessary for refitting, which surprises even me. Lack of willpower for pulling out in private or not, I’m still committed to this concept. I did notice a large bruise on my scrotum from the arm of the cage. Not fun. But I’ll deal with it. I’m sure it’ll heal and my skin will adjust.

I eventually tried the next ring-size up, but after a little time with it I felt like it was still tight around my skin to an unreasonably painful level, so moved up one more to the 48mm ring, or second-largest, which is larger than my CB6000 ring. The fit is more comfortable, and putting it on and my cock through it was much easier. This concerned me a little, but once I used the thigh-high to get myself into the cage and tightened the ring, I felt better. Almost all of the same rules of pulling out from above still apply here. The insanely tight fit may no longer be a preventive factor, but the shape, positioning, and silicone grip all make pulling out an incredibly daunting task, and fitting back in without removing the lock looks to be unlikely as ever.

One catch I did just notice that I’ve read people complain about with the larger rings is that I was able to push one of my balls back through the cage into my body. Ow, yes, and would suck if it happened by accident. Presumably I could do the same with the other, and then remove the whole cage. Again, though, this is where having someone other than myself to answer to comes into play: I don’t believe I could get it back on. Still, I’ll keep an eye on this and maybe switch down to the size between these two and see if that resolves the issue if it becomes one. I think my skin needs to adjust to this new device overall, and once it has I might be able to take a smaller ring. Although for all I know I could have popped my ball through the first one, too, since I never tried.

I’ve also played with jacking my caged package, and so far the results are in the “I could probably come under the right circumstances” area. I haven’t yet brought myself to the edge doing that, but I imagine if I were either dedicated or frustrated enough, I’d probably succeed. But there’s a lot less movement in this cage when I’m hard, so my head can’t rub against anything, even if I can squeeze it and feel it. So even if not perfect, I think it’ll be harder. I also haven’t found any signs yet that I can auto-jack in this cage, so that might be better. But I won’t hold my breath. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and my will is pretty focused on ejaculating as much as humanly possible.

But that’s it. At the moment I’m sitting here fully caged, but without the lock back on. It’s so tempting to take this thing off and jack off while I wait for SarianaX’s return, but part of the reason I’m even writing that here, publicly, is accountability. I won’t. I’m committed to this and her, even if I failed her, and me, by pulling out of the last cage. Circumventing the cage to touch myself is one thing, purposefully coming is another. Besides, I can’t afford an additional 22 days.

Well, that was interesting…

So my girlfriend, SarianaX, invested in a home laser hair removal kit recently, in order to do some work on her “bikini line” (I used quotes because I find that term hilarious in its efforts to be delicate). I chipped in because I’d really like to go hairless at least on my shaft, and clean up my general jungle a bit. Shaving is hit-or-miss, and she physically can’t handle my stubble, leaving me to either never shave, or risk injuring her when I’m sick of it.

Today I went ahead and did my first treatment. When I tested it the other day, I was able to take a surprisingly high level of power on my cock, but today I found some areas were just too much for me. So we decided to do what she’s done for some of her more sensitive areas: lidocaine cream.

Now we had done some research on the safety of this before, and I found a medical review of its use in helping premature ejaculators. The results were pretty interesting. They tested guys letting the cream soak in for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes, and then having sex with their partners. The first group had a notable increase, the second had a much larger increase, except for six of the men who, like ALL of the men in group three, were unable to maintain an erection in order to even reach orgasm. Trippy. And intriguing, especially for someone with my unusual interests in orgasm denial.

So anyway, we decided to apply the cream to the shaft in order to help reduce the pain of the laser. My girlfriend suggested that an hour was smart, considering that’s what she did for her bikini line, and even that had a minimal impact for her. Once I realized we were going to go for a full hour, I decided I might as well take it all the way and covered more than just the shaft, covering my glans as well. We then wrapped it up in cling wrap (because the situation wasn’t absurd enough already) and let it set for an hour.

An hour later I removed the cling wrap and washed the cream off my cock. The results were fascinating. While I could feel myself physically washing off the cream, the sensation was pretty phantom, and mostly in my hand. The head was the most affected part, with virtually no sensation at all. A fingernail dug in was no more obvious to me than a light brush. The shaft was a little less impacted, mainly because the skin is thinner and not attached to what’s underneath, so I could feel the “core” of my cock was unaffected. But the skin was still pretty much completely numb.

The treatment was definitely improved by the use of the cream, but not exactly painless. Still, I’ll use it again next time, both because it helped, and because the sensation of my utterly numb cock is too fascinating to skip.

Afterwards I decided to test the result of the study for myself. 45 minutes and the guys couldn’t keep it up long enough to come, and I went for an hour? I had to see if this worked.

So I got to jacking. Erection was achieved with no real trouble. My girlfriend helped test me out a bit with her mouth, which was an interesting combination of still pleasurable and very distant and removed. After a while she used her tongue on the areas of my body that still had full feeling, and I focused on pumping.

The verdict? I never lost my erection, and I definitely came. It took more work, and the sensation (or lack thereof) was very unusual to say the least, but I definitely came without much difficulty. 

Will I do it again? Of course. The experimenting was too much fun, and I have other ideas to play with in the future. For one, I think it worked so well because I was pumping by hand, which basically doesn’t rely on friction at all. Using something more friction-focused, like masturbating with a toy, or wearing a condom, or having actual sex, could produce a very different result. Also, for someone with a serious chastity and denial kink, not being able to feel my cock was definitely enjoyable in my peculiar way. Still is. I got off a half hour ago and I still have very little sensation. I’ll be curious to see how long the effects last. Plus I have a good excuse since I’ll need to do it again for the laser hair removal, anyway.

Why I can’t come right now

So I’m on orgasm restriction until Friday morning. But not for fun reasons, even if the end result will lead to fun.

See, I recently got my balls clipped. Well, that is to say, I got a vasectomy. My balls are thankfully still attached in the ways that matter to me and anyone who wishes to enjoy my cock.

It was a long-considered and finally necessary choice. I won’t go into a lot of details, but the nutshell is that I’m better off without impregnating anyone. My girlfriend doesn’t want kids, and were she ever to come to her senses and dump me, I’d not wish to date anyone who did. So taking full control of my reproductive abilities, and ensuring a limitless future of creampies for me and my girlfriend, seemed the right choice.

I had the procedure a few weeks ago. It was relatively quick and relatively painless, but included some of the most uncomfortable sensations of my entire life. Things got pulled on that have never, and hopefully will never again, been pulled on before. Not fun. Recovery contained a lot more pain and discomfort, and the healing process was unpleasant enough that I ended up back at the hospital in fear for my balls. Turns out that the sutures looking horrific and disgusting is normal, and I was told they looked beautiful. Probably the first time my balls have been called beautiful. Too bad the nurse wasn’t my type.

Anyway, most doctors say wait three months for fertility testing. My doctor said that’s a bad standard and has found 20 ejaculations is more accurate, which takes longer than three months for some of his patients. So we got started on that number as soon as I was up to the task, as I’m definitely not one of those, and powered through.

But as I planned to bring my, er, sample in the next morning after hitting 20, I found the paperwork said to refrain from intercourse for 72 hours prior to collection. Fuck. This was right before the holiday weekend and I wasn’t about to go three work-free days without sex. So I waited until Tuesday to abstain.

I’ve assumed the instructions don’t apply exclusively to intercourse, and really mean no ejaculation at all, so I haven’t been masturbating either. Well, I haven’t been masturbating to orgasm. I’ve edged more than once so far.

So right now I’m definitely feeling the loss. It’s different from when I’m caged, as I have full access to it, full ability, and a girlfriend who won’t punish me for coming. But I know if I screw up I’m going to have to start over and wait longer to find out I can start filling my girlfriend’s cunt with my load again (she’s not on birth control right now). So that’s incentive enough. But it’s still not easy. And nowhere near as sexy as her having my cock locked up. But maybe we’ll revisit that after I’ve healed and built up a healthy count of creampies to satisfy us both for a little while.

So two more days, roughly. I’ll manage, but as with the cage, not being able to come definitely has me more focused on it than usual. Always a fascinating result.

Decided to take a bathroom break to relieve some stress by way of orgasm.

Ended up stimulating just the head of my cock, building myself much more slowly and agonizingly toward orgasm. The process got me thinking of a delicious scenario in which my partner teases me be hovering her pussy directly over the head of my cock while making me masturbate, dipping it as close as possible without touching, letting me feel her heat against the head but giving me no access. Eventually I’d blow my load, which she’d do her best to pull back to avoid, watching as I release all the tension in one frustrated orgasm. Only then, once the last drops have escaped my cock, would she add insult to injury by lowering herself onto, and around, my now-spent and overly-sensitive cock, engulfing it with the pussy I so desperately needed to feel only moments earlier.

Anyway, that thought got me off. But it also got me to remove my hand as the point of no return hit, leaving me with an extremely ruined orgasm. I spilled my load but got absolutely no release out of it. I sit here now, typing this out, literally vibrating with jitteriness, as I’m the exact opposite of the state I set out to achieve when I entered that restroom.

I get a kick out of the fact that my follower base now outclasses my post count by a wide enough margin that I can’t even hope to overcome that gap. I have no idea how many of my followers are inactive or spam, but it’s pretty damn cool to realize that I currently have as many as 4,487 people following my thoughts about sexy porn, erotica, my kinks, and occasional photos of me, my followers, and my sexy girlfriend. The Internet is fucking awesome.


On a few occasions in the past I’ve written some erotica, but it’s rather rare and based in a moment of extreme focus on a specific topic.

I’m currently considering, loosely, the idea of a weekly-ish erotica series, though, to be posted on my blog here.

Its focus would be on the main kink I’ve been expressing interest in for a while now, which is chastity play, mixed with denial, loss of sexual power to a female partner, some masochism, and a little bit of gambling.

Without giving away plot points, the main central focus would be a game of chance the male and female partner enter into to facilitate her enforcement of chastity on her partner. I’ve even developed a working, early beta, version of the actual game they’d play that I would use to facilitate the writing as each week I’d allow it to produce it’s random combination of results and then write my story around them.

Does this actually interest anyone? Would anyone read these and expect to enjoy them?

Restoration Progress

I can’t imagine any of you care, but then again I wouldn’t have this blog at all if my sole criteria was what I think you care about. And you always manage to surprise me.

Anyway, I started my renewed foreskin restoration efforts three weeks ago yesterday. For those who don’t recall, it was feeling my renewed glans for the first time ever after nearly two weeks protected by my chastity device and knowing, first hand, what I had lost that got me to make the effort.

Three weeks later and the progress is rather surprising. I’ve never been able to maintain ANY method I had attempted in the past for anywhere near this long, but there are a lot of advantages to the manual tugging technique I’m using.

For one, it doesn’t conflict with life. It’s not something I have to wear, hide, clamp on, untape, or use in any way that delays sex, urination, or makes sleep difficult. Granted, I previously used a chastity device that had ALL of those effects and worse, but that was rather different, and I sure paid the price in healing time after I got it off. Point is, for a serious effort and not a game, those are unacceptable downsides to a method.

As well, it’s easy. Any time I use the restroom, or when lying alone in bed, or when sitting alone watching TV, I can do it for anywhere from a minute at a time to an hour. It’s rather easy to get a minimum of ten minutes in per day, and sometimes far more.

It’s not directly harmful. I ripped skin or nicked myself with every other technique I’ve ever used. With this one there’s no such risk. I have yet to damage my skin in any way beyond what could arguably be considered a form of damage that’s the expected element of this. And I can’t imagine how I would.

One of the serious downsides of most other techniques, hair migration, is a non-issue with manual tugging. Most techniques pull the entire shaft skin forward for extended periods of time, which grows the portions of the shaft that are hair-covered, as well, and tends to migrate the hair up the shaft. The manual method allows me to control what parts of my shaft are being extended and allows me to work only above the hairline.

As for the progress I’ve made, it’s mildly startling, compared to everything I’ve experienced before. My skin is far more tender now as I tug it, showing that it’s all notably affected by the process. And when stretched there are clear, undeniable stretch marks across all of the visible skin, showing that it is indeed growing to accommodate the pressure I’m putting on it. I’m also getting far more bunching along the shaft when at my most flaccid, and along the entire shaft.

I’m hardly anywhere near enough along to see any coverage of the glans or feel anything especially new, but the progress is definitive. My foreskin is definitely growing from the process, and faster than I’ve ever before experienced. If I maintain this, I feel confident that I can reach my goal. Although I’m not 100% certain what that goal is yet. For some it’s full coverage flaccid. Others like to go for partial or full coverage erect. I don’t think I’ll know my preference until I get there. But for the first time in my life I feel a sense of confidence that I will, indeed, get there.


Sorry to anyone who cares for how quiet I’ve been lately.

I was pretty sick for a couple of days last weekend, and it managed to utterly shoot my sex drive in the foot for most of the week. Combined with the holiday and all the stress surrounding it, followed by another trip this weekend, I’ve had virtually no time for sex, masturbation, porn, or talking about it. Hopefully things are improving, though.

Meanwhile I’ve at least taken the time to keep up my restoration efforts since the technique I chose requires relatively minimal effort and is easily done during restroom breaks, or in bed. And there actually IS progress on it, amazingly enough. I’m developing clearly-visible stretch marks from the effort, I’m getting more bunching when at my most flaccid, and I can randomly feel some serious itch along the shaft from the mitosis reacting to the strain on the skin. I have no idea how much progress I’m making or what rate I’m going at, but it’s definitely there. Besides the fact that I don’t have the time for the 1-2 hours a day that the main source described in his process, I’m also actively trying not to push it that hard in the hopes that the results will be a little higher quality in the process. Maybe less thin skin, less extreme stretch marks, results that don’t require as much maintenance tugging once “done,” etc. Not sure, but I no longer feel like I’m in a race now that the method I’ve chosen isn’t too prohibitive.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully you’ll hear more from me soon as I pick back up all my interests and activities.

The mixed side-effect of my extended lockdown

So I recently ended my longest time in a chastity cage yet (approx. 12 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes) thanks to my amazing girlfriend. It was a trying experience with a lot of unexpected ups and downs.

The extended confinement had a variety of effects on my cock, outside of the obvious one of extreme physical frustration. It did a number on my skin, for one. Once off, pretty much the entire surface area of my cock took on a reflective quality, and dried up and sloughed off. I’m not sure if it was dried out from the time in the tube sitting in constant moisture, or if the entire thing was mildly abrased, but it was like a giant mild scab. Not pleasant, but passed fast.

Another was the more direct wounds. I had several areas that had been clearly damaged by the ventilation holes along the shaft of the cage, due probably to a combination of my frequent erections and my frustrated attempts to find sensation by pumping the cage. Probably at least partially avoidable in the future. I also had my skin split in about four or five locations, probably due to a combination of the skin being weakened in the above-mentioned ways and the extreme difficulty we had removing the cage (note for next time if we use the same cage: apply lube with a Q-tip before removal).

But the most unexpected effect was the one on the head of my cock, which I probably should have anticipated. But this requires a little bit of back story:

As only my most hardcore followers likely know, I’m extremely opposed to circumcision. Mainly routine infant circumcision or anything that forces it on an unknowing, unwilling, uninformed child. Also to a degree adult circumcision when it’s done due to some sense of shame at being “abnormal” by societal standards. I don’t give a crap about it from a body modification perspective, though, so an informed adult deciding they want to modify their genitals in any way they please is fine by me.

As you also know from my own photos, I’m circumcised. I was, indeed, as an infant, and once I became actively aware enough to learn the difference, I’ve been pissed off. I’m not going to go into heavy detail, but I grasp the differences heavily, and every uncut cock I see in porn is simultaneously fascinating to me and depressing. I want what was taken from me. The tight, enveloping skin providing a pumping sheath, the enclosed nature of it, and the shiny, smooth, vibrant-looking glans are all things I lack and wish I had. For a guy who’s as straight as they come, I find myself pretty fascinated with uncut cocks and everything they have that I’m missing.

Over the years I’ve attempted various foreskin restoration methods, but I’ve never had good results. Most have either done more damage than good, been prohibitive to an active sex life, or just didn’t seem to produce results. Or some combination of those. It was to the point where I’d recently all but given up on the idea entirely. It’s not as though I don’t enjoy my cock anyway, so maybe it’s time to just forget about what I’m missing and move on, like a normal person.

Here’s where the unexpected result came in. The cage, which kept the head of my cock almost fully enclosed (certainly about as well as any foreskin would) for over 12 days straight, had allowed my glans to begin to de-keratinize. I had already noticed that the grazing of the head of my cock through the slit was much, much more sensitive than I was used to by the end, and sure enough, once the cage was off, and once I began to heal and pay attention to my cock, I was shocked by what I saw:

My cock head was shiny, smooth, with my urethral edges rounded off, and the entire things had a deeper, healthier color. I was, for the first time in my life, seeing the head of my cock close to how it was meant to appear. And the difference in sensitivity was definitely noticeable and made me suspect it was an aspect of the sensations I felt during my release sex that overwhelmed me so much.

The effects were temporary, but lasted well into Monday evening as I got myself off twice while watching the sight of my cum shooting out of the cock head I’d never seen before, and I was left with a combined sense of happiness and renewed loss. Before I had only known second- or third-hand what I’d lost. For the first time I had direct experience with it. And I wasn’t happy to see it go again.

So with that in mind, I think I’m going to consider renewing my restoration efforts. I’m going to actively seek techniques that are the least harmful and least likely to affect my fantastic sex life, but I’m going to make an effort again. Now that I know what I lost, I don’t think I’m willing to let it slide any longer. I want my natural cock back, or as close to it as I can get.

Dear Photo Caption-makers:

I see a lot of pretty good captioned photos shared on here, especially when I get into specific kinks, like my chastity bent, or some FemDom stuff. But there’s one thing that consistently ruins my enjoyment on nearly EVERY SINGLE PICTURE you make:

Clearly you utterly failed grade school English. It’s pathetic and depressing to see sexy ideas consistently shot with ridiculously OBVIOUS spelling errors, typos, bad grammar, lack of punctuation, and other errors.

Besides the mere fact that apparently you can take the time to download a file, import it into a graphics editor, lay out the text around the subject, save and export it, and then upload it to Tumblr, but apparently have no time to PROOFREAD the text, you also just suck at basic rules of English.

So I’m going to give you a list of three separate sets of words to bone up on that represent the worst offenses. You might want to print this out and tape it to the side of your monitor so you can refer to it every time you write up one of your insightful captions so you can at least have a spitting chance of not killing my erection mid-sentence.

Your is possessive. It denotes something belonging to something else. Example: "I love how smooth your pussy is after it’s been freshly waxed.”

You’re is the shortened form of “you are.” If you’re ever unsure which spelling is appropriate, see if you can replace it with “you are.” If so, use “you’re.” Example: "If you keep sucking my cock like that you’re going to get a mouthful.”
[Counter-example: read the example for “your” above while replacing it with “you are.”]

Its is possessive. It denotes something belonging to something else. Example: "I find everything about your pussy stunning; even its scent is intoxicating.”

It’s is the shortened form of “it is.” If you’re ever unsure which spelling is appropriate, see if you can replace it with “it is.” If so, use “it’s.Example: "Your ass needs a good fucking; it’s simply begging for my cock.”
[Counter-example: read the example for “its” above while replacing it with “it is.”]

Their is a plural possessive. It denotes something belonging to more than one of something else. Example: "See what chemistry that couple has on video? Their eyes never break away from each other.”

There describes a location. If the use of the word can be responded to with the question, “Where?” then you’re using the right word. Example: "Yes, your tongue feels so good on my ass. Keep licking me there.”
[“Keep licking you where?”] 

They’re is the shortened form of “they are.” If you’re ever unsure which spelling is appropriate, see if you can replace it with “they are.” If so, use “they’re.” Example: "Hold your tits together; they’re about to get a nice cum coating.”
[Counter-example: read the examples for “their” or “there” above while replacing them with “they are.”]

And that’s it. It’s really not difficult. It should take no time to grasp these basic rules and apply them, especially if you have any functioning communication skills at all in non-written form. Now go make a new captioned photo and give it a shot.

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