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The sound when it slips from her throat is delicious.

She takes that load across her face with enthusiasm. And even sneaks a taste.

I’m sure it’s my current predicament, but I’m utterly obsessed with cumshots right now. They’re encompassing most of my porn viewing and interest. I’ve never, in my life, enjoyed watching a cock ejaculate while a feminine hand jerks it or woman’s tongue acts as a stimulating catch basing, as much as I do right now. It’s like I’m living vicariously through each and every one of those men.

During the time we were off birth control, I grew to hate pulling out of SarianaX and having to come on her. Getting to? Fantastic. Being FORCED to? Got old. But once I could again, I think we got a little too carried away and I basically ONLY come inside her. While this time without orgasm has helped me truly covet the privilege it is to enjoy an orgasm, it’s also reminded me what a joy it is to WATCH one, and to see my load land upon a face, or a tongue, or an ass, or tits, or across a pussy, or drip out of a pussy. And I want all of that a lot more.

So while I still don’t know what my release rules will be, I’m promising myself now that I’m going to be pulling out a lot more once I’m allowed to come again. I deserve to enjoy watching my cum shoot across my girlfriend’s body.

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