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That took a little work to edit down to work properly in Tumblr, but finally got it working. Anyway, a couple of likes came through on my question, so here it is. Me, in my Bon4Plus chastity cage, successfully pissing into a urinal. As I said in my review, it’s pretty easy, but I took the photos out of curiosity about just how well things lined up in action. As you can see, impressively well.

When I’m erect in my chastity device, it’s pretty uncomfortable, and it pulls the package away from my body a bit. But it takes a truly special level of arousal to cause what you see in this photo. For the severity of my erection to pull my entire package out completely from my body. In this state I’m so aroused that if I were to grab that whole package and ever so slightly jerk it the quarter of an inch or so it allows for, I could probably initiate the artificially expanded point of no return within 10-15 pumps, at which point my body’s spasms would take over and the cage would assist them in forcing me over the natural point of no return, at which point I’d ejaculate through no remaining effort of my own. I say ejaculate, because it would be hard to classify it as an orgasm. It’s uncomfortable, maybe even painful, and wholely unrewarding both in the hormonal relief sense (ruined orgasms only release fluids, not frustration), and in the the lack of physical pleasure or even the visuals of watching my cum shoot out (the pressure in the cage usually stops it well within my urethra).

This is the state my cock was in rather regularly on day 11 or 12 of my last lockup. Today is day 4 of my current lockup. I’m a quarter as far along, and I feel like I’m like this more than not. And I’m less than one 11th of the way through my current sentence, assuming I don’t have any accidents.

From that photo, and how I feel, that may be a very big assumption indeed.

Epic Ruined Orgasm with Balls Still Locked in Chastity Cage - XTube Porn Video - CloveHardwood

Thought this seemed like as good a time as any to repost this from a few lockdowns ago. It’s the result of my failed willpower by being my own keyholder (through a virtual keyholder service) and some alcohol. I’m really glad I decided to record it, as it’s an amazing video, and I’ve actually gotten off to it several times since. How narcissistic is that? It’s still sitting at 5 stars with over 22,000 views. Pretty insane.

Well, that was interesting…

So my girlfriend, SarianaX, invested in a home laser hair removal kit recently, in order to do some work on her “bikini line” (I used quotes because I find that term hilarious in its efforts to be delicate). I chipped in because I’d really like to go hairless at least on my shaft, and clean up my general jungle a bit. Shaving is hit-or-miss, and she physically can’t handle my stubble, leaving me to either never shave, or risk injuring her when I’m sick of it.

Today I went ahead and did my first treatment. When I tested it the other day, I was able to take a surprisingly high level of power on my cock, but today I found some areas were just too much for me. So we decided to do what she’s done for some of her more sensitive areas: lidocaine cream.

Now we had done some research on the safety of this before, and I found a medical review of its use in helping premature ejaculators. The results were pretty interesting. They tested guys letting the cream soak in for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes, and then having sex with their partners. The first group had a notable increase, the second had a much larger increase, except for six of the men who, like ALL of the men in group three, were unable to maintain an erection in order to even reach orgasm. Trippy. And intriguing, especially for someone with my unusual interests in orgasm denial.

So anyway, we decided to apply the cream to the shaft in order to help reduce the pain of the laser. My girlfriend suggested that an hour was smart, considering that’s what she did for her bikini line, and even that had a minimal impact for her. Once I realized we were going to go for a full hour, I decided I might as well take it all the way and covered more than just the shaft, covering my glans as well. We then wrapped it up in cling wrap (because the situation wasn’t absurd enough already) and let it set for an hour.

An hour later I removed the cling wrap and washed the cream off my cock. The results were fascinating. While I could feel myself physically washing off the cream, the sensation was pretty phantom, and mostly in my hand. The head was the most affected part, with virtually no sensation at all. A fingernail dug in was no more obvious to me than a light brush. The shaft was a little less impacted, mainly because the skin is thinner and not attached to what’s underneath, so I could feel the “core” of my cock was unaffected. But the skin was still pretty much completely numb.

The treatment was definitely improved by the use of the cream, but not exactly painless. Still, I’ll use it again next time, both because it helped, and because the sensation of my utterly numb cock is too fascinating to skip.

Afterwards I decided to test the result of the study for myself. 45 minutes and the guys couldn’t keep it up long enough to come, and I went for an hour? I had to see if this worked.

So I got to jacking. Erection was achieved with no real trouble. My girlfriend helped test me out a bit with her mouth, which was an interesting combination of still pleasurable and very distant and removed. After a while she used her tongue on the areas of my body that still had full feeling, and I focused on pumping.

The verdict? I never lost my erection, and I definitely came. It took more work, and the sensation (or lack thereof) was very unusual to say the least, but I definitely came without much difficulty. 

Will I do it again? Of course. The experimenting was too much fun, and I have other ideas to play with in the future. For one, I think it worked so well because I was pumping by hand, which basically doesn’t rely on friction at all. Using something more friction-focused, like masturbating with a toy, or wearing a condom, or having actual sex, could produce a very different result. Also, for someone with a serious chastity and denial kink, not being able to feel my cock was definitely enjoyable in my peculiar way. Still is. I got off a half hour ago and I still have very little sensation. I’ll be curious to see how long the effects last. Plus I have a good excuse since I’ll need to do it again for the laser hair removal, anyway.

Why I can’t come right now

So I’m on orgasm restriction until Friday morning. But not for fun reasons, even if the end result will lead to fun.

See, I recently got my balls clipped. Well, that is to say, I got a vasectomy. My balls are thankfully still attached in the ways that matter to me and anyone who wishes to enjoy my cock.

It was a long-considered and finally necessary choice. I won’t go into a lot of details, but the nutshell is that I’m better off without impregnating anyone. My girlfriend doesn’t want kids, and were she ever to come to her senses and dump me, I’d not wish to date anyone who did. So taking full control of my reproductive abilities, and ensuring a limitless future of creampies for me and my girlfriend, seemed the right choice.

I had the procedure a few weeks ago. It was relatively quick and relatively painless, but included some of the most uncomfortable sensations of my entire life. Things got pulled on that have never, and hopefully will never again, been pulled on before. Not fun. Recovery contained a lot more pain and discomfort, and the healing process was unpleasant enough that I ended up back at the hospital in fear for my balls. Turns out that the sutures looking horrific and disgusting is normal, and I was told they looked beautiful. Probably the first time my balls have been called beautiful. Too bad the nurse wasn’t my type.

Anyway, most doctors say wait three months for fertility testing. My doctor said that’s a bad standard and has found 20 ejaculations is more accurate, which takes longer than three months for some of his patients. So we got started on that number as soon as I was up to the task, as I’m definitely not one of those, and powered through.

But as I planned to bring my, er, sample in the next morning after hitting 20, I found the paperwork said to refrain from intercourse for 72 hours prior to collection. Fuck. This was right before the holiday weekend and I wasn’t about to go three work-free days without sex. So I waited until Tuesday to abstain.

I’ve assumed the instructions don’t apply exclusively to intercourse, and really mean no ejaculation at all, so I haven’t been masturbating either. Well, I haven’t been masturbating to orgasm. I’ve edged more than once so far.

So right now I’m definitely feeling the loss. It’s different from when I’m caged, as I have full access to it, full ability, and a girlfriend who won’t punish me for coming. But I know if I screw up I’m going to have to start over and wait longer to find out I can start filling my girlfriend’s cunt with my load again (she’s not on birth control right now). So that’s incentive enough. But it’s still not easy. And nowhere near as sexy as her having my cock locked up. But maybe we’ll revisit that after I’ve healed and built up a healthy count of creampies to satisfy us both for a little while.

So two more days, roughly. I’ll manage, but as with the cage, not being able to come definitely has me more focused on it than usual. Always a fascinating result.


On a few occasions in the past I’ve written some erotica, but it’s rather rare and based in a moment of extreme focus on a specific topic.

I’m currently considering, loosely, the idea of a weekly-ish erotica series, though, to be posted on my blog here.

Its focus would be on the main kink I’ve been expressing interest in for a while now, which is chastity play, mixed with denial, loss of sexual power to a female partner, some masochism, and a little bit of gambling.

Without giving away plot points, the main central focus would be a game of chance the male and female partner enter into to facilitate her enforcement of chastity on her partner. I’ve even developed a working, early beta, version of the actual game they’d play that I would use to facilitate the writing as each week I’d allow it to produce it’s random combination of results and then write my story around them.

Does this actually interest anyone? Would anyone read these and expect to enjoy them?

lol, the last thing I expected while browsing the chastity tag was to find someone posting a video of MY cock. This was when I broke my self-chastity earlier this year, pulled myself out of my cage after six days without orgasm, and ruined my orgasm in three stages. I had never seen that much cum shoot out of my cock that hard before.

Keep that in mind when you remember that my most recent lockdown was 12 days, and 13 days without orgasm, and my load went straight onto SarianaX's tongue. Good thing I didn't order her to swallow it, or she might not have survived.


Well. That’s a lot of cum.

Just ruined an orgasm for the hell of it. I was so horny, but my cock’s out of commission for real fun, so I have to be careful. With options limited and my focus altered by some of the things I’ve been into on here lately, I decided to make a run to the public restroom and do what I could.

I ended up jacking off by tightly grabbing my shaft from beneath my balls and moving it as little as possible so as not to disturb my wounds. Sure enough, my climax built surprisingly quickly, and with my shaft gripped as tightly as possible I slowly edged myself, then barely pushed myself over before ceasing all movement and maintaining my vice-like grip around my cock.

All I felt was strong physical spasms along the shaft of my cock and a small amount of semen oozed out the head. No orgasmic sensations, no full ejaculation, no sense of relief, and an almost immediate softening of my cock and loss of physical sensation ensuring no further masturbation. My body had clearly spent itself while my mind was entirely, fully unfulfilled. More than that, I now feel jittery and on edge from it. That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

So, how’d I do?

Some of you may be curious about how my unlocking went. So it’s time for me to write up my weekend.

Friday was especially hard on me. Definitely the hardest day so far. The next day could not possibly come soon enough, and I even got off work early, extending the time SarianaX had to tease me. It wasn’t easy by a long shot.

Near the end of the day I mentioned that I should shower early the next day so I was clean and ready for her whenever she was. She suggested I shower that night instead. That definitely put the idea in my head that she might try to unlock me after midnight, but it also crossed my mind that me cleaning up was a good idea if she planned one more night of extreme teasing, so I tried to put that hope out of my mind.

Once bedtime rolled around, which was right around midnight, she began to play, teasing me with a frustrating 69 (she knows this is the easiest way to make me come) and plenty of tongue action. And then I felt and heard the sounds of metal on metal and realized she was placing the key in my lock. My heart practically stopped and the room went silent. I feared she was merely teasing again and didn’t want to push it.

But within moments the lock was off and she was beginning to disassemble the cage. And boy was that difficult considering how hard I was. It probably took five minutes and a lot of saliva to remove it without doing too much damage (although as we later learned, it was too late for that).

Once it was off she began to lavish my extremely erect cock with oral attention, admitting as she went that that wasn’t originally part of her plan, but she couldn’t help it. The moment she had my head in her mouth I began to sense pending trouble. It felt far too good, and if she didn’t stop she could end up with an unintended mouthful. Luckily she did stop and I took my opportunity to begin the final test.

I got on top, got myself ready, and began my first thrust into her very ready pussy. Within moments I was overwhelmed with mental anguish. Besides some minor pain from the abrasions the cage (and possibly its removal) had created, I was hit with one far more serious sensation: extreme, overwhelming physical pleasure. I “knew” instantly that I was sunk, and the fear of going right back into the cage was harsh. Within five or six pumps I was stopping and pulling out to calm down because I was too close. I’ve never been that sensitive in my life, and all my prior fears had still assumed I’d have better stamina than this. This was bad. I was just glad she let me be on top so I could control it.

I pushed back in and attempted to power through. I managed to work down a bit from the previous high and get a better rhythm and movement going that was less overwhelming and began to feel some hope. But every time I felt hope it was only a few seconds before my orgasm began to build and I had to back off. From my initial fear of a straight-on result 4 (coming hard, before she did) I shifted back to my original fear of result 1 (a ruined orgasm before she got off) as I had to constantly stop and hold still or pull out, each time sensing myself one pussy contraction or pump away from my cock releasing its load unceremoniously.

And yet, I kept going. I knew I had to aim for the top three options now, as all at least ensured I was trying for her orgasm and my freedom. If I was going to fail and go down with result 1, it would at least mean I gave it everything I had. And the effort began to pay off. I could feel her breathing and rhythm changing, and I knew I was nearly there. I used every mental trick I had to stave off my own, hoping at least to end with result 2 (coming with her and trading my prize for no more cage), and she began to come.

As I warned, her orgasms usually lead to mine, as we’re incredibly synchronized this way. And knowing how badly she wanted to at least break me this way, I could feel her moving and squeezing my cock harder than normal in order to try to ensure this result. And yet, amazingly, and against all odds I managed the superhuman feat of holding out through her entire orgasm without coming.

My excitement was only matched by her disappointment. She had wanted to force my orgasm with hers as her optimal result. And I can’t blame her. It would have been one hell of an ending (she’s assured me next time she plans to build it into the rules somehow). But instead I managed to claim my prize.

After I built myself back up, I got her on her knees and my cock on her tongue, and pumped the biggest load of cum I’ve ever shot across it. The first shot I couldn’t see as it escaped into the deepest recesses of her mouth. The second one filled her mouth completely and instantly, and the rest beautifully coated and overflowed her tongue. I couldn’t ask for a better sex partner as she readily accepted each shot of cum onto her tongue and all over her tits and legs without complaint, and then licked me clean once I was spent. This woman might just be perfect.

So that’s how it ended. With a complete win on my part. For the sake of the story and my readers, I imagine a loss would have been more entertaining. Had I been doing this for you, I probably would have thrown it just for the great story of my mental anguish, massive ruined orgasm, and the visual of me being right back in my cage with nothing but a few moments of a pleasure-free gigantic cum spurt to speak of. Maybe next time. Or the time after. I suspect this time (it’s only our second time with the cage) she was mostly rooting for me (option 2 was her favorite, which was still a partial victory for me). I may not be so lucky in the future.

I do need a new cage, though. This one did FAR too much damage to me. While I set my healing back twice more this weekend after the unlocking because of my desperate need for more of her tight pussy, I’m now off sex and masturbation for a few days (it’s almost a virtual re-caging) in order to heal from the notable cracks along my shaft and the general new layer of skin that I’ve needed over the whole body. I may try one of the silicone devices next to see if it’s more gentle on my skin. I’d rather not end each extended lockdown with one day of sex and a week of healing.

One More Day

Assuming no fuck-ups, I get unlocked tomorrow. I can’t explain how I feel. I don’t know how I feel. 

I handled this lockup well. Almost too well, although I think that’s because I wasn’t teased as much as I could have been. I suspect I’d be in trouble had I been teased more. I suspect my sentence might have been reset by now if I was teased more. I don’t know what that means for potential future lockups. But for now I handled it well. I feel confident I’ll get to tomorrow without incident.

I’m really proud of myself for getting through this. I’m impressed with my resolve, and I like having been able to experience what it’s like to have no ability to reach orgasm for 12 days as of this evening, 13 by the time I do tomorrow. Apparently I can do it. And I’m not an utterly ruined human for it, despite what a massive departure it is from my one-a-day average (maintained by days that sometimes include three or four). It’s kind of nice to realize I can live my life not fully dictated by my ability to orgasm, and without falling apart.

But I also look forward to every single orgasm I’m going to have as a free man again. All the sex, blow jobs, anal (I hope), hand jobs, masturbation, and the rest that’s to follow is something to look forward to. And I love how much that’s going to mean to me after not having it.

Tomorrow should be interesting. There are a few outside factors that will impact when I’m unlocked. Worst-case, it’ll be pretty late in the day. Best-case, if our weekend plans fall through, is early. I’m hoping if that happens that my girlfriend’s desperation for sex will lead her to unlock me pretty early in the day.

And then the challenge begins. We discussed all the feared outcomes I listed in my post yesterday. She’s most excited by option 2, where I manage to forfeit my prize in order to get her off first by ending up coming with her. I suspected she would be. And now I worry that she’ll attempt, even subtly, to force me in that direction. I’m still desperately holding out for option 3, where I both get her off first AND get to come any way I want.

Assuming I win, I plan to ride out her orgasm, then pull out, put her on her knees in front of me, and have her suck me to orgasm. As soon as she feels me start to spurt I want her to pull me out and pump my gigantic load of cum onto her tongue where I can watch it pour out and coat her, fill her mouth, and presumably overflow onto her gorgeous tits. While in my dream world she’d swallow every drop with a greedy grin on her face, I gave her permission to not swallow. I don’t want her overwhelmed by a difficult situation and to ruin it. If she wants to swallow any of it, awesome. But I’ll just be happy to make a huge mess of her tongue, face, and tits.

But I’m still quite afraid of the other options on my list, especially option 1. I’ll be working so hard to stay out of the cage that I still feel like the possibility of losing both her orgasm AND ruining my own is great. I’m torn between hating and loving the fact that the most likely scenario here is the absolute worst-case one of all. I don’t want it to happen, but if emotional torture was part of my goal, there’s truly no worse hit to my mental state at the end of this than ruining my massive orgasm and getting shoved back in the cage immediately. I shudder whenever I think of it.

So wish me luck, people. I’m not sure if I’ll have anything more to share about this before it’s done tomorrow. But I’ll report my results, of course.

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