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Epic Ruined Orgasm with Balls Still Locked in Chastity Cage - XTube Porn Video - CloveHardwood

Thought this seemed like as good a time as any to repost this from a few lockdowns ago. It’s the result of my failed willpower by being my own keyholder (through a virtual keyholder service) and some alcohol. I’m really glad I decided to record it, as it’s an amazing video, and I’ve actually gotten off to it several times since. How narcissistic is that? It’s still sitting at 5 stars with over 22,000 views. Pretty insane.

Chastity Games - Part 7: 30 Seconds to Ruin

This is a work of pure fantasy. While some effort has been made to fit this within a realistic scenario and setting, a few aspects of reality may be ignored for the sake of fun. All the usual rules apply (don’t try this at home, this is not based on a true story, etc.). For explanation of series and previous parts, click here.

True to her word, Marlene was downright giddy by the following morning. Unsurprisingly I was awakened by her ass in my face, and I quickly got to work with my tongue. She was clearly plenty worked-up as it took less than a minute before I felt her thighs clamp down around my head and her moisture bloom against my face.

But after she came down she quickly reseated herself against my lips and said, simply:


This one took more time and effort, and I worked my right hand out from under her leg to finger her too, and after about five minutes I managed to bring her to a slightly weaker orgasm. She seemed more satisfied with this one, though, and hopped off me to go take a shower before work. She whistled the entire time.

Before leaving Marlene gave me a long, deep, tongue-filled kiss and roughly manhandled my caged cock through my pajama bottoms.

“Have fun without me today,” she said with a wink, and left.

I settled in for a day of work. And porn.


Looking at the timestamp on the sext I got from Marlene that morning told me she’d wasted no time after arriving at her office before snapping her first picture. And it was a doozy, too: an upskirt of her shaved, pantiless pussy at her desk. I was instantly in pain primarily because I knew her desk had no front, and wasn’t obscured from the rest of her office. Had anyone been glancing her way when she snapped the picture they would have gotten the same sight I just did. Fucking hot.

She followed up throughout the day with various texts.

I’m so wet right now. I bet you could pull your cock out of my pussy and shove it straight into my ass. Who needs lube? Oh, but you’re in a cage.

I just got myself off at my desk. I hope nobody heard. I might have gotten a little noisy at the end. Too bad you can’t come, too.

I can’t keep my fingers out of my pussy. I wonder if they’ll prune. I bet you wish your cock was in me instead. I bet that metal isn’t as warm. Or wet.

The onslaught continued, only abated by more shots of her pussy, with her legs spread further each time.

By the time she came home I was horny enough that I didn’t need to be asked to take care of her. I took her straight to the bedroom, and as soon as I found how wet she was I found her largest toy and began to work it into her tight pussy. It was never easy to get it inside her, but the walls of her cunt had never been this slick when we’d tried before, and with enough effort I finally got it inside her to the hilt, greeting me with an instant orgasm.

I waited for her to work her way down before I climbed on top of her, in what would have felt like 69 if my cock could enter her mouth, and began to tongue her clit while I carefully worked the large toy in and out of her just enough to please her, but not enough to risk it popping out again after all that work we’d put in. The combo did the trick and she was coming again just as quickly as I’d gotten her back off that morning. I finally collapsed next to her, tired from my efforts, and still untouched.

We fell asleep.


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Countless shades of defeat

So I lost big-time last night, on multiple levels. Let me count the ways:

  1. The girl who could be my ultimate sexual match if she didn’t live oceans away managed to wear me down throughout the day. Her emails, photos, and videos had me pretty well-convinced that today, when she promised to put in the extreme effort, I would definitely come. I was resigned to enjoying both the fact that I’d come in my cage, though, and the fact that it would be an utter wasted, ruined orgasm. But…
  2. I got drunk last night and started fiddling with the device. And I finally tried the one thing I had managed to avoid trying while sober: after moisturizing my cock with Q-tips like I do twice a day, and moving it around in the tube to get an even distribution, I realized just how much range I had soft. So, with essentially no effort, I pulled my cock right out of the cage. It was still locked around my balls, so that’s still not going anywhere until I get my unlock code, but my cock pulled out easily. I achieved erection, edged myself (which is far less dangerous when I don’t have a tube around my cock to take me sailing over that edge), let it subside, threw some more moisturizer on and shoved it back in the tube. The latter part was certainly more difficult than yanking it out, but hardly difficult enough to fear it.
  3. I promised myself not to take my cock back out again and to wait. Then I took it back out several more times and edged myself each time. Because, as everybody knows is the entire reason I locked myself in this thing: I have no willpower. If I have access to my cock, I WILL masturbate with it. This is simple reality. And now I had access to it. Which led me to realize how futile the entire fucking thing was, which led me to…
  4. I begged my distance teaser to make me come.  And she came through with a fucking hot masturbation video. I settled for the fact that I’d do it in the cage and it would be ruined. Unfortunately, drunk as I was, I couldn’t get the in-cage masturbation to get me close enough, so instead of taking that as some sort of sign, I…
  5. Pulled myself out of the cage and got to work. The plan was still to ruin my first orgasm in what I later realized was over 7 and a half days. I figured I had a lot of pent-up cum in my cock, and it would be fun to watch it all pour out in the least-enjoyable way. So I first turned on record on my camera phone, then I grabbed my cock and started jerking, took myself to the edge, and let go. I can’t fully qualify this as a failure. What proceeded was possibly the most epic orgasm of my life. It technically came in three stages, and I arguably ruined all three separate stages, but the volume and velocity of cum was the most spectacular I’ve ever seen come out of my cock, and it sure felt fucking good even if I wasn’t actively pumping myself through the whole thing. So this was arguably far more win than fail. And yes, the video’s being converted on a porn-upload site as we speak. You can find the video here.
  6. I went to sleep unsure of how I’d proceed now that I realized only my balls were locked in this cage. I woke up to find voting had finished on my fate, and I had of course been punished with a 12-hour penalty. So 12 more hours of my balls locked in a cage, while my cock’s fully accessible to jerk to my heart’s content. But I checked the site and it said I had only 1 day and 10 hours remaining. Maybe it’s a glitch, but either way, it seems to have subtracted the 12 hours, not added it. I guess that’s something to be grateful for.
  7. And now, watching the video of last night and considering the rest, I’m horny as fuck, and I get the strong feeling that I’m about to continue to prove how shitty my willpower is and I’m going to pull my cock back out again and come. But I’ll at least attempt to ruin it again. I’m determined to ensure every orgasm in this device is at least ruined to some degree.

And that’s my list of defeats. From here I’m not sure what I’ll do. The orgasm from last night was, indeed, amazing, and I’d love to do that more, especially with a partner who I could overfill or paint white. But now that I know the device is useless for achieving that, I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board. I may be stuck with only being able to fully experience this device with a partner. Or I may simply need a different one. Time will tell.

Update on mercy voting, and another question

As I mentioned, I requested 12 hours of mercy on my lockdown. This would hopefully allow me to unlock Monday night, when I could fully enjoy my newly-released cock, instead of Tuesday morning before leaving for work where I’d be left either to rush an orgasm or probably waste it down the toilet in a public restroom.

The way the mercy-request system works is I simply pick a number of hours (from 1 to 71) that I want removed, and wait for the other members of the system to vote. They can vote for mercy, or they can vote for punishment. Once the difference between the two types of votes reaches 10 in either direction, the decision is final, and I’m granted either my requested number of hours of mercy, or I’m punished with them being added on.

In reality, I assumed my odds weren’t good, and that instead of getting my cock back 12 hours sooner, I’d probably be shifting it down to Tuesday evening. So while I don’t love the idea of being locked up EVEN LONGER, the plus side is it’ll STILL ensure I’m home at night to enjoy my first free orgasm (hopefully my first orgasm, but we’ll see) since going into lockdown, and it’ll put the time in lockdown at just short of 7 days exactly (although I’ll actually get home a couple hours later, so I’ll officially be locked up that long). So that’s cool for symbolism. Still, though, I was hoping for the reduction.

Votes have been coming in. I was quite surprised and relieved to find that the first two were both mercy. I didn’t anticipate that.

But since then, seven more votes have come in, all for punishment. That means the net total votes right now is five for punishment. If I get five more, I’m officially locked down for 12 extra hours. Wow. Despite expecting this outcome, I’m suddenly more nervous than I was now that I realize it’s coming closer to a reality.

In the meantime, I have a question for you all. I’m thinking about how I’m going to enjoy my first orgasm when my time is up. Assuming I’ll have managed not to come during the entire lockdown (I truly DO hope for this outcome, but I very nearly lost it last night already, and it will get harder with each day), when one adds in the previous orgasm, will mean I won’t have come for either 8 and a 1/2 or 9 and a 1/2 days (depending on the mercy vote). I’m going to want to make my first orgasm as a free man again special. So I wanted your opinions on how to do so, considering the fact that I’m single and therefore don’t have a cute girl to come in like I did the last time I wore one of these for most of a week. Here are the options I’ve come up with:

  1. Jack off, but savor it. I haven’t gotten to grasp my dick with my hand in a week by this point, so the simple act of enjoying the feel of my skin against my skin, and the knowledge of the process is enough.
  2. Jack off, and embrace how frustrated I am by coming as soon as my cock wants to. Good chance that with this much frustration I’ll be a minute man or worse. I can fight it and draw it out, or I can say, “fuck it,” and see just how few pumps it takes to get me off in this state.
  3. A non-disposable toy. I live in a roommate situation now, so I’ve been avoiding my Fleshlights and similar toys mainly because the good ones require  me to warm them in hot water first to make them good, and then require cleaning and drying. That’s harder to do now that I don’t live alone, but maybe it’s worth the effort this time to ensure the first time I get my cock off after this, it’s the best I have available to me.
  4. My last Tenga Egg. I’ve been saving it for a special occasion, since it’s disposable. This is a special occasion. Downside of both this and number 3, though, is I’ll probably have an impressively thick and large load. I won’t get to see that if I cum in a toy.
  5. This entire experiment was about denial, and a bit of masochism. I’ll also have been fighting the desire the entire week to waste an orgasm while wearing the device, since doing so is uncomfortable, mildly painful, and extremely disappointing. So if this was the overall goal, why not waste my first orgasm as a free man by having it seconds before I actually free myself? Use my auto-masturbation technique in the toy to edge myself and fight it until I finally fail, hopefully resulting in a combination of a disappointing, unpleasant caged orgasm AND if I time the edging well, a RUINED orgasm to boot? The ultimate insult ending to the entire week. I might even consider recording it and uploading it for people to see exactly what it looks like to use my plastic prison to cum, hands-free, and all that entails. Having done it a couple of times in the past, I must admit, it’s an interesting process, as one time I fully completed my “orgasm” and because my cock was packed so tightly, not a single drop of cum escaped my cock until nearly a minute later when my erection had finally subsided enough for it all to escape in one big blast. The other times it did shoot out, but in a thin, high-velocity stream. Could be interesting.

As you can see, I have a bunch of options. The last one’s the most intriguing for obvious reasons, but maybe I just want to be done with the self-punishment and actually enjoy myself. Or maybe I’ll save that for the July 4th holiday.

So, my followers: what do YOU think I should do with my first “free” orgasm?

A new risk

Okay, so I just decided to test my luck again (it’s what I do), and really get into some photos and videos on here while at my desk. That means in my office, fully clothed. All I did was fully embrace the turn-on I was presented with, filling my cage to its maximum with my erect cock, and then rhythmically flexing my muscles.

Sure enough, I got so close to the point of no return that I began wondering if I packed extra underwear in my car. All from merely flexing my cock muscles. And this is just from looking at porn on the Internet. I have at least one favorite lady actively plotting to tease and break me, and possibly more. If I see/read/think about the right thing at the right time (wrong thing, wrong time?), I could be left with a serious mess to clean up. On the one hand, that’s an extra level of risk that’s pretty hot, and could keep me from being too reckless with my situation. On the other hand, if it gets as bad as I fear later in the week, I might need to seriously consider wearing a condom over this thing just to contain what could become an inevitable result.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Risk is fucking exciting (which isn’t helping my current situation, obviously), and the chance of “failure” adds to that. But it does do a bad job of giving me that unending frustration I was hoping for if I know that I can literally come with a minimum of effort.

But the reverse flip side again: I can literally come with a minimum of effort. That’s pretty damn cool if you think about it. Almost worth wearing the device just to make that a reality. Throw the condom over it and get myself off in the car, at my office, or maybe even walking down the street with nobody aware? I might need to consider that as an interesting option down the line. But for now, the goal remains the same: try to get through the week without coming, but without denying myself the things that make me want to.

Why don’t you mail your keys to yourself. That would keep you from having access for a few days.

This actually doesn’t resolve my issues. The keys ARE actually technically inaccessible to me right now. They’re in a lockbox with a 4-digit combination (would take as much as three hours to go through all the combinations to get it out, which is prohibitive enough), and is the only “person” who knows the combination right now. So I really, truly, AM unable to unlock myself until they send me the code on Tuesday morning. My cock is completely inaccessible to me until then, and outside of paying them to send me the code sooner (or, again, taking three hours to figure out the code [wish I could find a 5-digit to make it harder]) or begging their other users for mercy votes (which they’ll likely deny, therefore EXTENDING my lockdown), it will remain so.

The problem isn’t being able to get to my cock, it’s the fact that I CAN cum while wearing this thing. Depending on how frustrated I am, it ranges from very difficult to exceptionally easy (easy coming with ultimate frustration). The orgasm is extremely restricted, nowhere near as physically pleasurable as a properly-orchestrated one, sometimes at least mildly painful, and sometimes very messy to clean up if I can’t take the device off to facilitate the cleaning, but it IS an orgasm, with all that entails, including the release of frustration.

Right now I’m counting on that scenario happening only as a result of one of my teasers either making me desperate enough to put in the work, or frustrating me to a degree that I lose control and cum against my will (literally… when the frustration’s at its most extreme the device actually HELPS me orgasm through mere flexing of my cock). But my ultimate goal was always to attempt to prevent orgasm entirely. This is impossible, leaving me only with options to reduce the enjoyment of them or attempt to come up with incentives to fight the urge.

Thoughts on extra incentive?

So the biggest problem I have in my self-chastity game is that I have only myself to answer to. Sure, I have a computer in the sky that’s the only thing that knows how to unlock my cock, but as we’ve learned from past experiences, all that does is keep me from ENJOYING my cock, and having fully-enjoyable orgasms. It doesn’t prevent me from actually COMING, which is what I’d prefer if it was possible.

In a relationship with a partner as a keyholder, I’d also have HER to answer to. I’d have her specific orders, desires, disappointment, or even punishments to worry about to discourage me from testing my limits and releasing my pent-up frustration in an unsatisfying way. With me doing this purely for myself, and with the help of a cold, hard website, I don’t have that.

So I put this out to my userbase: do you have any thoughts on what I can do for extra incentive to avoid cumming while I’m locked away, with these limitations in mind?


For nearly the last year I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of every single orgasm I have, and details about it. Details include:

  • Date (both the literal date and the practical date, i.e. after midnight but but before sleep)
  • Day of the week (literal and practical)
  • Lapses (days without orgasm)
  • Time
  • Location (where was I physically when I got off?)
  • Method (masturbation [and hand, toy, etc.], vaginal sex, oral sex anal sex, hand job, etc.)
  • Stimulus type (porn videos, photos, private photos, fantasy, erotica, etc.)
  • Source (where did the stimulus come from? Name of sexual partner, URL of site, etc.)
  • Use again? (is it worth revisiting for future orgasms?)
  • Came to (either a more in-depth description of the porn or sexual act, or what was specifically occurring when I went over the edge)
  • Came in/on (where did my cum physically end up during orgasm?)
  • Additional notes

Anyway, it’s a lot of data, and it’s changed the way I’ve looked at my orgasms for the last year. It’s impacted my frequency, my effort, and my interests. It’s also given me a lot of ways to look back at what specifically got me off and what patterns there were in it. And I have access to all of that data aggregated, so I can see most common methods, most common days of the week, longest times without orgasm, most orgasms in a single day, etc., relatively easily. When it’s all said and done I’m going to try to come up with additional ways to break down the data, but for now I have the following:

  • Total orgasms
  • Daily average for the year to date
  • Total orgasms via masturbation
  • Total by hand
  • Total by toy
  • Total via other, less-common methods (more details may or may not follow)
  • Total by oral sex
  • Total by vaginal sex
  • Total by anal sex
  • Total from 69
  • Total from hand jobs
  • Totals per sexual partner
  • Total for each location I orgasmed in/on sexual partner (including bareback and condom variations)
  • Total times I came in/on each particular object or disposal method
  • Total orgasms per day of the week, both in literal and practical breakdowns

Those are all my current metrics. I’d be curious if you could think of more that I could come up with based on the categories I listed above.

The reason I’m mentioning this now is I have two days left before the year is up. I started this on June 23rd of last year (arbitrary date), and that means it ends on June 22nd of this year. Once it’s done I’m going to compile the data I’ve got, see if there are any new details to come up with, and then share as much of it as I can and feel comfortable sharing (there won’t be much I hold back, besides some details of some of the things that got me off).

The biggest question for me, though, is what to do when the year is up. Do I consider the experiment complete, and go back to not having to worry about taking notes every time I cum? Do I continue the project and compare the two years to each other? Do I take a break from the mild sense of obligation I feel to keep my numbers up and just let myself chill for a while? Do I play with the chastity device again and force myself to chill for a while? Do I hope I get laid soon and distracted enough by it that I just don’t care anymore? Do I hope I get laid soon and feel even MORE inclined to track all the fun details of the person I hook up with?


I wore my new device all day today at work, enjoying the restriction and mental concepts. At the end of my work day I decided to sneak a little porn at my desk and play with the cage through my pants. It didn’t take long to feel like an orgasm would be easy to achieve, so I stopped and went to the restroom.

The goal was either edge play or edge play leading to an involuntary orgasm. The latter occurred a couple of times with the previous device where I took myself so far that, while if I was masturbating normally I would have to immediately remove my hand to stop all stimulation to keep from cumming, in this case the cage provided a form of sensation that was impossible to remove when I hit the edge and caused my involuntary spasms to take me over the edge and ruin the orgasm. So I thought that might be fun.

But once I sat down and started to get myself hard, it crossed my mind that if those involuntary spasms were enough to take me over the edge, would it be possible to get myself there without use of my hands at all? So I began to flex the muscles in my cock, tightening and loosening the cage, and essentially using my balls as an anchor to move the cage along my shaft ever so slightly. Sure enough, in less than a minute I felt the orgasm building, and when I reached the edge I stopped flexing only to find the involuntary spasms took over and brought me past the edge.

The restriction of the cage around my cock forced the semen out at a much higher pressure, making loud sounds as it shot out of my cock and into the toilet in blast after blast before finally reaching exhaustion. I then had to apply my own pressure to force the rest of it out past the pressure of the cage.

And there I was, defeated. Apparently not only can I use the cage to jack my cock off in difficult and uncomfortable ways, but I can apparently use the cage to get myself off without even needing my hands… and in a relatively enjoyable way, at that. Completely defeats the whole point.

Sounds like I need to do some serious rethinking of what my options are to enjoy this.

Meanwhile I’m home from work and strongly considering putting the device back on (I took it off on my ride home) and seeing if I can repeat that experience. At least that was fun, even if fun (in the classic sense) is the opposite of what the device was supposed to provide.

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