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Bon4Plus silicone chastity cage - Review - UPDATED

[UPDATE: Scroll down for additional thoughts about experiences I had, related mainly to security, after initially writing this.]

All right, this one’s a long time in the making. I’m going to attempt to be as thorough as possible here, although I’m also reserving the right to edit this and improve upon it with time. Right now I have no photos (there are PLENTY online in other reviews), although those may get added later if I feel it’s necessary. But let’s get down to business.

What is it?

The Bon4Plus is a silicone chastity device. It follows the pattern of famous chastity devices like the CB6000 in providing a clear tube that connects to a clear ring that goes around your balls, with the two secured together with a lock. The base principle is what’s generally referred to as a trapped-ball chastity cage, and it’s quite literally using your testicles, and your desire not to destroy them, to anchor the tube in place around your cock and keep you from having access to it, preventing you (theoretically) from masturbating, or having sexual contact with another person. Standard stuff.

The Bon4 line is considered by some to be a “copy” of the Birdlocked silicone chastity cage, even spawning a very angry website accusing Bon4 of all sorts of nasty things by copying the Birdlocked. This seems childish and extremely shortsighted, as the devices share little in common besides the general shape (which is basically inescapable) and the material they’re built out of. There’s little to no doubt that the Bon4 is inspired by the Birdlocked, but it was clearly designed in an effort to improve upon some of its perceived weaknesses. For instance, whereas the Birdlocked is only one piece (some reviews claim it requires three hands to install), the Bon4 is two (plus anchor bits), allowing much easier installation. Vent hole counts and locations are different, as well, more sizing combinations are available, and other subtle differences. Point is, the Bon4 is a different company’s attempt to improve upon the concept introduced by the Birdlocked. They’re different enough that there’s plenty of opinions about which is better, which I think further reinforces why the anger is pointless.

Now one thing I failed to find clearly spelled out ANYWHERE online, whether on Bon4’s own website or the various reviews I read, was what differentiates the Bon4Plus from the Bon4. It included descriptions of what was included in the package, but the name implies there’s something BETTER about it. After enough digging, some hunches, and a purchase, it finally became clear what the Bon4Plus is versus the Bon4. It is, quite simply, the Bon4 (unmodified) and the Bon4L (the longer, larger tube for more impressively-sized cocks) full kits packaged together inside a nice black drawstring bag. That’s it.

The advantage of the Plus, though, is that since normally the Bon4 and Bon4L each come with two sizes of ring that are appropriate to their matched cage size, the Plus comes with all four ring sizes, allowing you a lot more flexibility to choose appropriately. Since generally speaking, the shorter the cage the more comfortable it is (weird as it sounds, allowing room for erections is actually not as smart as you think; you want the cage as close to your flaccid size as possible) and harder to pull out of, even a larger guy may prefer the shorter cage, despite needing a wider ring than would normally come with it. Or someone with a long but thin shaft, or a taper, or other unusual, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all cock configurations might need a long cage but a narrower ring. This kit ensures you’re well-covered.

It also means you get two full sets of all the fittings. A Bon4 or Bon4L consists of the cock tube, whatever size ring you choose, a plastic strap to attach the two together by threading it between the connectors on the cage and around the ring, a plastic locking pin that goes through the two layers of the strap, and a metal padlock that secures to the locking pin. A Bon4 set of either size includes one extra plastic strap, and one extra locking pin, along with a set of plastic numbered locks for getting through metal detectors while maintaining accountability. So the Bon4Plus set ends up including, in total, four straps, four locking pins, and two padlocks in addition to the two tubes and four ring sizes. A pretty good value that will reduce the chances of you needing to order replacements if you break yours.

I imagine this is also a great value for, say, a gay couple with dramatically mismatched cock sizes who like to enjoy chastity together (I’m stretching, I know, but maybe they exist?), or a dominatrix who wants to lock up two differently-sized subs at the same time. I don’t know. A value two-pack is just kind of a funny idea I had to through out there.

How easy is it to install?

This depends partially on how much experience you already have with one of these. The first time was mildly tricky, but knowing what I was doing helped. Since then, it’s been a lot easier. The trickiest part is simply getting your balls through the ring. Due to the malleability of the silicone, and its grippiness, and the fact that it’s a closed loop, this is MUCH harder than the CB6000. I found the best technique was to ignore the instructions to lube the ring (for now; lube is VERY important as I’ll explain in the comfort section) which just makes your scrotum way too slippery, and instead focus on pulling as much of your scrotum as possible through the ring, preferably toward one side, and then popping one of your balls through into the bunched-up collection of scrotum on the other side. Once you have one through, the other’s very easy to pop through.

Once that’s done, you have to push your cock through the ring, as well, so your entire packaged is surrounded by it. Depending on how aroused you are this is various levels of tricky and uncomfortable. But I found if flaccid enough, I can retract my shaft inward fully, push the bunched-up shaft skin under the edge of the tube, and then pop my cock back out on the other side. Easiest method.

Next comes the tube. Now this is usually the hard part with any cage, and it’s more so with the grip of the silicone. I took up advice online and borrowed a thigh-high nylon sock from my girlfriend for this task, pushing it through the tube and out the hole at the tip, leaving roughly the length of my cock hanging out the back end of the tube where I needed to enter. I then put my cock in the sock, and gently pulled the sock from the other end until it gripped and began pulling me into the tube. At that point it gets much harder as the nylon bunches up in the very small hole and the grip gets tighter. But with enough gentle effort you’ll get it through and find yourself properly secured. This is especially vital if you’re intact or, like me, restoring, and want your foreskin pulled forward.

Then it’s a matter of lining up the three arms of the cage with the notches in the ring, and slotting the strap around and through all the slots, back around the top, and onto the locking pin. By this point from the nylon and other efforts you might need to let your erection subside a bit before you’ll be successful, but otherwise this part’s relatively easy. Overall, installation’s not hard once you get the hang of it.

How comfortable is it?

Okay, so this one’s tricky for so very many reasons. Different people have different expectations of comfort in chastity. For some discomfort is the core point, if not even pain. For others, like myself, we want our normal lives not to be impacted while we enjoy the helplessness of the cage. To this end, I bought this device specifically because reviews billed it as one of the most comfortable.

After the time I’ve spent in it so far (several weeks now), I can honestly say that yes, it’s the most comfortable device I’ve used by far, with some massive caveats.

One thing a few sites touched on was the suggestion of using lube with it. I ignored this the first few days because I didn’t need lube with my CB6000, I didn’t want to lose the grip that made me feel like I couldn’t escape this thing, and I figured I could handle it. Plus, as I said, most treated it like a suggestion.

IT’S NOT A SUGGESTION. Lube is extremely necessary with this cage. It is NOT optional. Not one bit. Why? That silicone grips like a motherfucker. The first night I woke up in severe pain multiple times and in the morning I had to have my girlfriend unlock me so I could switch to the next-largest ring (I’d tried the smallest first, as everyone advises, and assumed this was the problem, later confirming it was a component of it and sticking with the newly-chosen size). But by the end of that day I was still hurting, and sleep was agony. The next day I started to find it itching like hell, checked it, and found MULTIPLE raw skin spots and we had to remove the cage for a few days for me to heal in it.

When it came time to put it back on after I’d healed, I started lubing regularly, and I haven’t had a spot of trouble since. Sleep has been SO much better than the CB6000 and is basically comfortable. Erections are delightfully confining and great at reminding you of your predicament, but not painful, and usually don’t wake me up any more than they did when I wasn’t caged. And day-to-day movement and sitting is mostly fine. I definitely have my discomfort moments with the ring, primarily, but it’s rare that I can’t squirm to a better position or visit a restroom to fix things. Overall, it’s good.

For lubing, the trouble spots seem to be the overall inner part of the ring, the area where the tube meets my scrotum, and the under-side of the post that meets the ring on the underside of my balls. As long as these areas are properly treated, I’m good. Application tends to be morning and evening, but I’ve found on multiple days that if I properly applied it, I can go to bed without adding it, and sometimes even get through the next day, too. It’s random luck, but most of the time it works just fine.

Since it’s silicone, you’ll want to stick to a water-based lube or, according to the instructions, olive oil. I’m using the former.

How hard is it to pee in?

Very, very easy, but not perfect. Unlike the CB6000, the slit at the tip is quite small, leaving very little room to align things. With the CB6000 I could usually chub myself up slightly, filling the cage heavily, and thereby create a perfect seal anywhere along the large slit and go without trouble. With the Bon4 there’s FAR less room for error. Now in my case, the size of the hole and the alignment are FREAKISHLY perfect for my cock. 90% of the time the two holes are aligned almost dead-on, and if i get myself slightly hard I can be assured a clean shot. The remaining 10% requires some adjusting and contorting to get things right, but I’m usually successful. But with the massive range of dick sizes and shape, I can’t imagine I’m anything but lucky here. Your mileage may vary dramatically.

Unfortunately because it’s as closed as it is and the hole’s so small (literally almost the EXACT size of my urethral opening), it’s rather easy to get some urine back in the cage after, even with a clean shot. So despite my perfect fit, it could be a little better. Still, not bad.

I’ve also found, mostly thanks to my consistently good alignment, that I can pull the whole thing through my fly and go at a urinal relatively easily (more so than the CB6000, probably because of the way I can squeeze it as I navigate both flies). I still don’t have the guts to do so in anything but a private bathroom, but then again I was rarely good at pissing with men standing half a foot next to me anyway, so not much has changed there.

How do you clean it?

Cleaning is arguably slightly harder than the CB6000 since it has fewer and smaller holes (just one in the tip and two on the sides of the head), so you can’t use Q-tips as easily, and there’s less room to move around in to pour soap into and use friction to clean yourself. That said, I always found the Q-tips pinched me when I used them in the vents on the CB6000 anyway, and the vents caused issues with the friction method, so I was having to be much more careful. So for cleaning, I mainly either use my finger in the shower, shoving it up the backside of the tube to do my best to get everything soapy (and yes, touching my dick in the process), and into the tip to try to get the head, or I have my girlfriend let me out and properly clean my dick and the cage with soap and water. For the former I also run a hair dryer into all the folds and closed-over areas and into the few holes to try to reduce moisture as much as possible. Don’t want to create any breeding grounds.

Realistically, regular cleanings are much more vital with this one. It seems to build up odor and dead skin cells faster than the CB6000, and the constant application of lube just makes things a little worse. But as the cleaning is relatively easy, it’s not that big of a deal. But if you had any illusion, like I once did, of going your entire time in chastity without your cock getting any freedom, you should probably let that go right now.

How secure is it?

When I first put it on, I was ready to excitedly proclaim that it was much, much more secure than I’d been led to believe, and that I was relatively certain I wouldn’t be able to get my cock out of that very tight cage (unlike the CB6000 which was pretty easy), and even less likely to be able to put it back in undetected.

But since making lube a necessity, that confidence has gone way down. I can easily get to my shaft while cleaning, thanks to the softness of the tube (and my cock), and with the lube, I could probably easily pull myself out the back. From there, I imagine I could even pull my balls out and remove the cage entirely. I haven’t tried, because I’m fighting really hard to use this cage properly, but also because I’m far less confident that I could as easily get my shaft BACK in the cage. But with effort, yeah, I probably could (although I doubt it if I went the full removal route). Still, since my willpower manages to be strong enough to stick to the plan of not coming, and since I’m being let out every few days for cleaning, giving me a chance to touch and feel my cock for a little while, I’m managing. But if your goal is complete loss of access to your cock, this, and from what I hear all trapped-ball cages, won’t do it. It just can’t. Nothing short of a full metal waist unit or a piercing-locked cage will give you that level of security. A very unfortunate reality once you get into playing with this.

UPDATE: Okay, so once my official sentence with this device was over, I did some experimenting in the shower, and what I found officially rendered the device 100% useless. It seems that with basic soap and water, I can easily pull cock out of the back of the device. Now that in itself isn’t shocking at all if you know how these devices work. The problem is that once I’ve done so, thanks to the silicone’s pliability, I can then very, very easily remove my balls from the ring, as well. No effort required. Seriously. Mine fell out BY ACCIDENT simply from the act of jerking my freshly-freed cock. Yep, cage just fell right off my body after a few pumps. Worse yet? With minimal effort I was able to push my balls BACK through the ring and, once they were in place, use the soapy water to show my cock back into the tube. A little rinse of the soap, and nobody would ever know I had been out of the cage to begin with. I could easily free myself to jack off every time I took a shower, or if my keyholder was out of town, remove the cage the entire time and masturbate in freedom (or worse, if there were bigger reasons I was in chastity). So yeah, this has even worse security than the CB6000. It is functionally of no use.

Can you masturbate in it?

Yes. Very, very easily.

This is a section I never see in reviews, which surprises me. They focus on how difficult it is to get out of, but ignore how difficult it can be to get off in. The CB6000 was relatively easy. It took some effort, and I risked damage thanks to those damn side vents (and sometimes the seam), but I could jack the whole cage and slowly build myself to orgasm relatively easily. Much worse was the fact that once I did approach the edge in that cage, if I stopped the movement my own spasms combined with the way the hard cage gripped the shaft would actually take over jacking me and carry me right over the edge. Crazier still, with the right level of frustration, a raging erection, and some muscle control, I could actually bring myself fully to orgasm without so much as touching myself. Just by flexing my muscles, I could get the cage to jack me off, even fully clothed! There were a few times, late in the game with that cage, that my mere frustration alone made me wonder if I might set off such an event without any direct effort.

The Bon4 manages to alleviate those last couple problems as best as I can tell, which is good. I don’t have to worry about accidentally coming in my pants while watching porn, or edging myself only to come involuntarily when I stop. But its silicone design makes the rest a lot easier, and I’ve used it heavily to edge myself.

There are a few main, easy techniques for masturbating in this thing:

  1. Jack my whole package, just like in the CB6000. It’s crazy to look at and awkward, but jacking my entire package, shaft, balls, and all, a small amount in a consistent motion WILL bring me to orgasm, no doubt. It’s a very different sensation, and a slightly slower build, but it gets the job done.
  2. Gripping just the shaft of my cock through the squeezable silicone cage and pumping that. Actually ends up similar to option 1, since everything’s pretty well attached, but it’s more focused.
  3. Rhythmically squeezing the head of my cock. Yep. That’s it. Just squeezing it through the cage. I was surprised how easily this built me to orgasm, but it did. This might be partially due to my utter desperation and my body’s need to come any way possible, and/or partially due to my own experiments with minimalist masturbation techniques (I’ve brought myself to orgasm by doing nothing but massaging the head of my cock with lotion in the past). Either way, give me some porn and a minute or so, or no porn and an extra couple minutes, and I’ll have a mess to clean up.
  4. Like a woman. I’m not kidding here. I can, while fully clothed, place my fingertips on the head of my cock (through the cage), like it’s a clit, and rub it up and down, stimulating the head and jerking my entire package in the process, and build myself to a surprisingly impressive physical high that I suspect, especially in my current state, would roll over into a VERY intense orgasm if I let it. I’ve definitely gotten myself scarily close a few times. Pair it with some porn, and it’s a good time, but scary if you’ve got penalties on the line for coming.
  5. UPDATE: Or forget masturbating in it, and just remove it, with great ease, in the shower, like noted above.

So there you have it. The lack of security in this cage from pullout is NOTHING compared to the lack of security from reaching orgasm. So if you were worried about getting found out by your partner by being unable to reinsert yourself in the cage, you have little to worry about (UPDATE: Because trust me, getting back into it is insanely easy). Just masturbate IN the cage, and you’re set. Having said that, there are two things that are keeping me from actually bringing myself to orgasm (at least until I accidentally go too far) this way:

  1. I’m committed to what I’m doing. My girlfriend and I have clear rules and penalties in place, and I’ve committed myself to full honesty to her. That means if I do come, I’ll have to tell her, and I’ll have to face serious consequences for it. Right now that means adding half my current sentence on to the end of it.
  2. Remember what I said about the alignment of the hole at the tip, and the way urine tends to end up back in it? Well, I feel rather confident that if I brought myself to orgasm in this thing, odds are that hole would NOT be properly aligned at that moment, and I’d quickly lose all visual of my cock as I filled the cage with thick, white cum which would be very, VERY difficult to clean well enough without removing the cage. I’d definitely get caught if my goal was to hide it. [UPDATE: But luckily I could just hop in the shower, remove the entire thing, clean it carefully, jerk myself off again, and nobody would know]

So really, this cage relies heavily on your willpower and having someone to answer to. I do NOT recommend this cage for solo chastity play with a virtual keyholder. You’ll quickly figure out how to enjoy yourself anyway and defeat the purpose of it. But I honestly feel that nothing short of a piercing-locked cage would work for solo use. I speak from experience.


I like the Bon4Plus MUCH more than I liked the CB6000, overall, due to massive improvements in comfort and build quality (no splitting seam). But this device, more so than others, relies very, very heavily [UPDATE: 100%, it seems] on being committed to the concept and your keyholder. If you’re either doing this on your own, or you’re doing this to satisfy your keyholder’s kink more than your own, this isn’t the device for you. But if you and your partner enjoy teasing and edging and frustration and you’re using the device slightly more symbolically to avoid an easy orgasm or regular access to your cock while having the willpower to stick to the rules you’ve worked out with your keyholder, it’s really a [decent] device. And if you shop around carefully, it’s really not THAT expensive. I managed to find mine on Amazon, and with tax and Prime shipping, it cost me around $130, which is well below MSRP. Depending on what that kind of money means to you and what you spend on your kinks, I think that’s a pretty reasonable amount of money. Better still if you plan to hold onto it as a spare and/or metal detector-safe alternative to a better-crafted steel cage later on. I’ve seen knockoffs available from import sites, and for all I know they’re legitimate-quality overbuilds, but I can’t speak to their materials or potential contaminants, and most are very shaky about their description, mixing in the word “Birdlocked” interchangeably, and frequently warning that the photos may not be accurate, leaving you uncertain what you’ll actually get. If you’re willing to blow $40-60 on a gamble, maybe it’s worth it. But I felt a little safer getting the confirmed real deal.

[UPDATE: While I gave an overall positive conclusion earlier, I feel less good about it now that I know how much easier it is to defeat 100% than anything else I’ve used. At this point, were I to continue chastity play again, I wouldn’t bother so much as taking this cage out of its bag again. it’s useless to me based on my known issues.]

Review - Cum Sponge

Easiest review ever: don’t fucking buy this product. Why not? I’ll explain:

I got the Cum Sponge solely on its name. I’ve wanted something I could easily cum into, and always joked that it was too bad there wasn’t some sort of sponge specifically for this purpose. That’s not what this is, really, but the name was so close that I had to jump on it.

What it actually is is a disposable stroker. Think Tenga Egg, except a couple of dollars cheaper, and nowhere near as fantastic. The design is essentially a cardboard tube with a pink sponge interior. The sponge interior is cut through with a bumpy texture all the way through and holes on each end. I was surprised to see they tried to mimic pussy and ass (I’m assuming) by making one end much smaller and tighter than the other. Packed inside the sealed package and poked into one of the holes is a nicely-sized tube of lube (more on that later). One nice touch is they’ve forgone all effort to be subtle, and the outside is emblazened with a picture of a porn star (“Jessica” on mine, although I’m not sure who she is) spreading her quite attractive shaven pussy on one side, and a close-up of said pussy on the other. So unlike the average toy, this one has built-in porn to look at. That’s, without a doubt, the best part of the product. Seriously.

Once you pop it open and lube yourself up and start to stick your cock in, you realize the problem: sponges are fucking ROUGH. They’re soft in the sense that they’re extremely pliable, but they’re not kind to sensitive skin. Of course that’s where the lube comes in, and thankfully as I said, it’s a nice-sized tube. Except without enough to completely soak the entire thing in it, it’s pretty much useless, since the SPONGE absorbs it right off your dick almost instantly, and you’re back to fucking pliable sandpaper in moments.

I tried to get off with this thing. I really did. I watched porn and I kept using it, crossing my fingers I wasn’t doing damage (and I didn’t). But while I got vaguely close, I eventually stopped when I realized that I should fucking ENJOY masturbating, not have to fight through it. I eventually pulled out and tried to use it for my original plan of something to cum into (it is a sponge after all), but I had lost interest. When I’m ready to jack off again later I may cum into it just so I feel like I got some use out of it, but that’ll be all.

So the final verdict is clear: don’t fucking buy this thing unless you’ve got a masochistic streak, or a sadistic streak and a male partner you can tie up first. I suppose it might be a cheap thrill under those circumstances. But if you want to enjoy masturbating with a cheap, disposable toy, buy yourself a Tenga Egg and call it a day.

Easiest review ever. 

That’s it for now. Go have fun, minus the sponge. Unless you’ve got a Spongebob fantasy, in which case you might want to revise my above list of people who would enjoy this toy.

Review - Crystal Stroker Ballistic

My latest review item covers a niche I’ve been hoping to fill for a while, but never quite found the right item. I wanted a simple, inexpensive, decent-quality stroker that didn’t take up a lot of space, was easy to clean, close-ended, and transparent. I’ve seen a few products that seemed to fit the bill, but it was the Crystal Stroker Ballistic that finally got my attention.

The toy really covers everything I’ve described. As far as toys go, it’s not huge, but big enough that it fully encompasses my cock when stretched slightly. That makes it easy to store, and easy to turn inside-out for cleaning. It’s of a nice-quality silicone (I’m assuming that’s the material) that doesn’t try to simulate skin, which I’m fine with, and doesn’t have the stronger odor of most of the simulated skin materials. It’s closed on the end which produces additional suction you can’t get from the toys that aren’t, while ensuring that in my moments of orgasm I don’t need to angle it juuuuust right in order to avoid a messy cleanup on the floor or bed while reducing my focus on my orgasm (or putting me in less comfortable position during it). And sure enough, while not crystal clear, I can definitely see my cock through it.

As for the main focus, much like the manufacturer’s avoidance of the “real skin” focus that’s been so prevalent lately, this toy is well aware that it is nothing like a vagina and never will be, so the internal design embraces this reality with a nice variety of studs and ribs in each of the three bulbous chambers that make it up. The separation of chambers is nice because it simultaneously gives you something tight to push through (if you like anal, you know that sensation as the crown of your glans finally pops in) and the ability to settle your head into whichever chamber seems to best be doing it for you at that moment.

Use is about as simple as you could expect from a stroker. Lube up (no choice in that), fight to get in (honestly, again, it’s a great anal comparison as the entry hole is small and seems to resist you until you get the angle and pressure just right), slide in as far as you can, and start stroking. The sensations of the various chambers are GREAT, and the fact that they feel nothing like the real thing makes this one especially good if you’re in a relationship and want to use it on your own or with your partner, as it provides something completely different from what she can. It’s easy to experiment with different levels of suction by squeezing air out either before you penetrate or after. Then just find the spot that makes you happy, find a rhythm, and go for it. I find I don’t like to use this toy for quickies only because the sensations are strong enough that I find myself constantly easing back to last longer. That said, it is easy to get off with, so assuming you’ve got plenty of lube you could easily use it every day.

Once you do cum (which is especially fun, since you can see it relatively well through the toy), cleanup’s simply a matter of the usual warm soap and water routine. It’s not too hard to turn inside out to dry, but with a good cleaning you can leave it in normal shape and do just fine. Just leave it on a towel. But don’t make the mistake I made of leaving it touching another silicone toy. They do tend to bond with one another and take on some permanent alterations.

As for price, this toy currently goes for only around $20 on which is ridiculously cheap for something I enjoyed this much. This is one of the lowest-price reusable toys I’ve ever been this happy with, and would easily recommend it. Honestly, at double the price I’d still say it was a great toy to splurge on, but at this price it becomes a really easy to justify must-have. We throw away $20 on a lot less. You can’t leave a movie theater for less than that, or have a decent meal out for less than that. If you like toys at all, this seems like a no-brainer to add to your collection and regular masturbation routine. I can’t imagine there’s any way you’d regret it.

So to sum it up, the Crystal Stroker Ballistic comes highly recommended and goes on my short list of must-buy items. You’ll love it.

That clears things up for my latest review. Until next time, have fun, get laid, and failing that, fuck yourself silly.

DVD Review - Hit Me With Your Best Squirt

Okay, talk about a long-overdue review. I started this one MONTHS ago, but kept getting side-tracked by other factors and didn’t get around to finishing this DVD until recently. Then last week I ended up ridiculously sick and practically didn’t touch my dick for a week. Seriously. You know you’re sick when you don’t even WANT to jack off for an entire week. Ugh. Anyway, I’m now right as rain (well, close enough, and good enough to be horny again), and decided to finally get this review written up and uploaded.

Hit Me With Your Best Squirt is another Tom Byron production, like the previously-reviewed POV Cocksuckers 10. Unlike the aforementioned DVD though, I really enjoyed this one. I think you can guess why, though, based merely on the title. It’s a DVD devoted exclusively to girls who gush. That ensures plenty of views of my favorite thing in the world being entertained in all sorts of ways until the geyser starts. I’ve always been a fan of squirting (I used to beg my ex to let me do it to her, and sometimes she’d concede), so a movie dedicated to it was right up my alley.

Right off the bat I was hit with a directing style (the case credits “Ivan” for this) that was made for me. The first girl up, Sindee Jennings, was interviewed while sitting on the table, eating cookies, bottomless, with the came pointed up at her from right in front of her cute, trimmed pussy. For a guy who came to see lots of pussy getting wet, I couldn’t be happier to start things out that way. Sure got me to actually pay attention to the interview which are often boring when the reason I put in the DVD was to get off. Put a cute, bottomless girl on screen and I’ll listen to an interview about her last grocery store run. Sindee’s was fun, though, and most of the other interviews were done in some unique style or another, with Tatiana Kush also interviewed bottomless, and Mason Moore fully nude with a great close-up to jump-start things. “Ivan” clearly knows his audience (or at least me).

As for the action, it was varied, and quite positively. The cast featured (in order) Sindee Jennings, Coco Velvett, Tatiana Kush, Amber Rayne, and cover girl Mason Moore. All the girls were talented and exhibited a lot of different styles. This stood out more from the last video thanks to the fact that they were able to go full-on with oral (both directions) and penetrative sex, fingering, masturbating, and the like, and this gave the video a lot more mileage (and got me a off a LOT more times during each video). The cameraman interacted a bit with the action, making jokes and commentary and asking questions, and the girls were overall very responsive and involved with this. I liked the extra connections.

The main focus, the squirting, was handled very well overall. Obviously every girl had her quirk and skill, but all handled it well. Tatiana Kush had a ton of false starts, mostly weak squirts, and the fewest overall (not to mention her partner, Nick, was unbearably annoying to listen to, growling and shouting like a madman), while Mason Moore earned her cover status with at least 25 individual squirts and some serious power (not to mention attitude). But every girl put on a hell of a show squirting all over her partner, the room, and frequently the camera, which led to one consistent demand from the cameraman to lick it clean, which they all happily complied with (very hot).

For me, Amber Rayne actually stood out as my star for this film and my main shout-out. Her interview actually WASN’T done with nudity (although some was interspersed in from a modeling sequence, as with most of the girls), but I instantly found her personality believable and endearing, and “real” girls are a turn-on to me. She had a good laugh and attitude, and a great body with small, perky tits (my favorite) and a perfect pussy. She was fun, she was enthusiastic, and she seemed to be the most down for everything, going straight in for the deepthroat to start things off, rimming the guy, masturbating while getting fucked to bring on the geysers, and begging for lots of anal (only anal sex in the video), using her fingers to get herself to shoot off while getting her ass pounded. I loved her dirty talk which came across as natural and inventive, and she seemed to be calling her own shots about what she was going to do, and it all worked. She also seemed to relish the cumshot, talking about it excitedly from early on and happily cleaning her face up into her mouth like a happy pro. My kind of girl. I’m following her on Twitter now and I’ll check out her other work.

Also Mason Moore deserves a shout-out for being a wild woman, a heavy squirter, and just plain intense. I liked her desperate need to have SOMETHING in her ass, generally settling for her fingers, but at one point asking if she could get her butt plug (she didn’t, though). She earned the cover and probably would have been my favorite if my heart hadn’t already been stolen by Amber.

And let’s not forget the all-important money shots. It’s funny, in a film of non-stop girls ejaculating, the guys letting off their little loads always seems unimportant, but even so I just don’t feel satisfied without seeing the guy get off in/on the girl at the end, and of course every guy does. Again, unlike in my last DVD review, these were all pure wins. While the guys still wielded their cocks for the actual shots, the aims were much better, and the girls took the loads with gusto. These were true professionals who knew what their viewers liked to see and happily provided it. And they all came to it differently, leading up with blow jobs, sex, anal, etc. Ironically much, much better endings from a video that was not about blow jobs.

Overall, Hit Me With Your Best Squirt earns high marks from me. The highlights were the great interview tactics, the wide variety of girls and sex acts (and good angles of them), the main subject, the quality of the facials, the girls licking the cameras clean, and the overall quality of the production. Highly recommended if you like the subject matter.

And that’s that! Until next time, keep cumming!

Man Junk - Because your junk is special to you

This week’s review is the first time I’m actually reviewing a product NOT related to getting off. It’s not a toy, it’s not porn, it’s what I can only describe as the first “masculine hygiene” product I’ve ever seen. It’s called Man Junk, and it’s an “intimate body wash” for your cock and balls (and I guess other places).

The site actually states it’s pretty much useful all over for odor fighting and skin treatment, and the company makes a lot of ado about the ingredients. And they do sound good. And honestly, the product smells nice and simple (somewhere between an herbal and a medicinal, but in a PLEASANT way) and gets the job done. But what’s it for, really?

Well, the company’s main claim is that there are a TON of hygiene products for women, but essentially nothing like this for men. Women have all sorts of specially-formulated soaps and cleansers for their business, but men are expected to just make do with the regular stuff. So this company set out to make a product designed specifically for men, carefully balancing oils and extracts and whatnot to get the perfect mixes of anti-bacterials and scents and moistures to treat men’s junk the way it deserves to be treated. And it’s a compelling argument. I mean come on, women DO have all their cool special products, and we’ve got nothing. Why should that be the case?

Actually, to be fair, there’s kind of a reason for that. Women have a vastly more complex chemical balance to keep in check with their anatomy. Most of their fun zone is internal, and extremely susceptible to problems because moisture plus temperature is the ultimate combo for bacteria. As such their bodies produce all kinds of natural ways of fighting this. And the average cleaning products do as much harm to their defenses as they do to the bacteria they’re trying to clean up. So feminine hygiene products are specifically and carefully balanced to try to reduce this damage while still doing their job. Men, for the most part, have none of these problems. The only opening we’ve got is tiny, and meant to go out only (unless your kink leads you in a different direction), and while we can build up odor, most of the rest isn’t an issue for us.

So while the product has some decent logic behind its marketing, I’m not fully convinced it’s as necessary from a biological standpoint as it suggests. So if not for that, what is it good for? Well, as said, it smells nice, and it seems to work. It gets my “junk” clean, its scent isn’t excessive (my ex-girlfriend was allergic to most fragrances, so she’s the type who would appreciate the less-is-more), and it does provide one service: it lets you feel like you’re doing something special for yourself. Let’s face it, while I live for the opposite gender, I couldn’t live without my junk, especially since the opposite gender’s a bit less fun without it. If it’s that important to me, it’s nice to feel like I’m doing some little thing to stand out when I’m taking care of it, whether or not there’s much benefit beyond the mental. A little goes a long way with the stuff (I’ve been using it for months now and still have plenty left), in which case the cost of that nice feeling is relatively low.

When it runs out, will I buy more? I’m not sure, honestly. But that’s actually a good thing, because on logic alone I’d probably say no. But something about the way it makes me feel to use it makes me consider reordering when I go low.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Back to stuff that relates to getting off next time. 

Tenga Egg 6 Pack - Eggceptionally Good (sorry)

I decided to review the Tenga Egg 6 Pack back-to-back with the Fleshlight Vibro because I feel the two products represent nearly the polar opposites of each other. Where last week’s review was of a product that’s on the more expensive side, of an ultra-high build quality, can be used countless times, is battery-powered, and is designed to be conspicuous but humorously fails, this week’s review is of a product (or set of products) that’s relatively cheap, made of relatively low-cost materials, is DISPOSABLE in nature, uses no batteries, and both stands out and simultaneously better succeeds at not giving away what it is.

The Tenga Egg is a deceptively simple product. Sold individually or in carton-esque six-packs, these hard-shelled white plastic eggs contain within them something truly spectacular. Pop them open after stripping off the pull-strip protected seal and you pull out a white, egg-shaped, soft, thin, rubbery hollow object. They’re masterfully kept in shape with a plastic cylinder placed inside them, and placed inside THAT is a disposable packet of a thin, effective lubricant.

The instructions are simple (which is good, as they’re in Japanese on the package, lending to the unlikelihood that an observer will figure them out). Pour some lubricant into the egg, slide the egg down your cock, and go to town. Obviously the eggs are much shorter than the average cock, but the thing, stretchy material is meant to flex well more than enough to cover the length of your dick, while stretching and unstretching its pattern across your glans.

Each of the six eggs in the pack has its own unique texture, named and numbered in order. Each provides a genuinely unique sensation, and despite the thinness and seeming cheapness of the material, they’re surprisingly distinctive, not to mention amazing feeling. Each provided me with a level of sensation enough that I had to pace myself to keep from reaching orgasm too soon, although I honestly would have been satisfied enough.

How much have I enjoyed these? Well, to be honest, I went through the first three eggs in the first week or so after I got them, and then they’ve just sat here since as I’ve tried to figure out how to use them for “special occasions” to not let their great experience go to waste. In fact it was on my birthday a couple of weeks ago that, after a fun night out with friends, I was trying to figure out how to make the most of my evening after I got home that I remembered them and chose the next one in line as the perfect ending to my birthday, over all the other options I had available. I spread out the fun, too, by backing off whenever I got close. This DID have the eventual effect of using up the application of lube, but I had learned by this point that half the package was just the right amount, leaving me with a whole second half to re-up the experience. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

One of the best advantages of these toys is their disposable nature. While you still have to clean yourself up afterward from the lube and cum, my least-favorite part of using a toy is gone with these. No more warming up the tap and rinsing it out for several minutes, wiping it down, drying it off as best I can, and then leaving it out overnight to air out. Nope, I just pop it right back in the egg, seal it up, and toss it in the trash. Eco-friendly? No. Post-orgasm relaxation friendly? Definitely. Oh, and by the way, if you’re a cheap bastard like me, yes, they are reusable, too. A couple of them I DID bother to rinse out (due to their size and build they’re also easier to do this with), and I managed to reuse them several times before they had stretched to the point where I felt it was time to toss them. Also found a fun trick with using one to cap off the head (it held well on its own) before jacking off into it. Less fuss than grabbing a tissue, with added sensation.

So, what’s the final verdict? Buy some. They’re also sold individually or in other quantities, but I do recommend the Tenga Egg 6 Pack at least the first time so you can find your favorite style and not feel the pressure of “wasting” your only one. Because they’re disposable, they won’t replace your hand or other toys simply because it would get far too expensive too fast. But they’re a crazy fun treat. You treat yourself to dinner, or a couple of beers at the bar, or a movie, so why not treat yourself to a great orgasm now and then?

More to come soon, with a review of a more unusual product, and some more DVDs. Until next time, keep cumming!

A new review! The Fleshlight Vibro

Okay, so it’s been way too long since my last review. I’m sorry about this, but my focus has been elsewhere, and most of the time I have to get off just doesn’t allow the effort to put into toys or DVDs, focusing mostly on photos and shot videos and my hand. Not exciting, but reality.

But it seemed it was time to finally get down to business and review the Fleshlight Vibro. Now I’m no stranger to Fleshlight, both having followed the company for a while and having won their Fleshlight Sex-in-a-Can Pink Lotus Lager (now Lady Lager) on Twitter some time ago. So when I was given the opportunity to review one, I jumped at it, and went straight to their top-of-the-line Vibro model, and specifically the Pink Lady Cyclone (pink in color, pussy in entrance, cyclone in internal texture).

Now if you’re not familiar with the Fleshlights, I’ll give you the loose breakdown: They’re masturbation sleeves in a silicone form mounted inside large, flashlight-shaped black (assuming you don’t get one of the color or ice variations) case that allows you to grip it easily and, in theory, discretely hides the unit from people seeing what it is. It’s not actually discrete since it’s one hell of a big “flashlight,” has a cap on it, and no switch, so is realistically probably likely to draw enough attention to get someone to unscrew it and see a bright pink pussy/anus/mouth staring at them. They’re not cheap (although nowhere NEAR the upper end of sex toy prices), and because of this the build quality of them is generally quite exceptional. They’ve carved out a gold standard niche for themselves, and their name is quite nearly the Band-aid of handheld masturbation devices.

So what’s unique about the Vibro? Well, as the name implies, it vibrates. This is achieved via three small rubber-coated vibrating bullets (think typical ones you’ve seen for women, although black and coated for traction instead of smooth entry) that are each powered by a few LR44 batteries (plenty of extra are included, nicely enough). They have a click button to turn them on, and then they’re inserted along the side of the head of the sleeve in three equidistant spots before the sleeve is reinserted into the tube for use.

Everything ships in a really attractive metal tin that I’ve stuck to keeping the components and main unit in since it’s not fooling anyone anyway, and the tin looks cool.

But let’s skip further descriptions and jump to the meat and shaft of the review:

Once again, this one lives up to the overall Fleshlight name. Follow the instructions to soak it in warm water (I get daring and go hot most of the time) for a while first, pop in the bullets, close it all up, lube it up (I use Fleshlight’s own heating Fleshlube), and stick your dick in and the feeling is the closest I know to heaven outside of an actual pussy. The sensation, especially with the heat, is fantastic, with plenty of texture inside to rub and caress and grab at your cock in a way that comes closer than you’d think possible to the real thing.

All of that describes arguably ALL of the Fleshlights, though. So what about the gimmick to the Vibro? Well… that’s where I’m not as sure. The bullets work, and they work nicely, no doubt. The sensation is pleasant, and depending on your mood can likely help. But I’ve never been huge on vibration, and it certainly can’t get me off. Still, if I had to choose the toy with or without, after putting in the effort to prep this thing, I prefer with, since it adds something. But I don’t feel a big enough cumulative effect from using more than one at a time to justify the waste of batteries.

Speaking of wasting batteries, they do die relatively quickly. My first time I nearly killed them using the toy for about 15 minutes straight (I watched through a full porn scene with it). This is a shame to me simply because I don’t personally use the Fleshlight to replace my hand for quick orgasms. Since it takes a good 10 minutes or so just to prep the thing (you can go cold, but the moment you first warm it you’ll never bother without again), and since you’ve got the typical cleanup and drying time afterwards of any silicone toy that you fill with lube and cum, it’s something you want to commit to really having some fun with, and killing a bullet’s worth of batteries each time is a bit much.

Having said that, I’ll admit that most of the time I use this thing I’m pretty lucky if I can last 15 minutes. Honestly, I have to make a concerted effort to stave off orgasm after a minute or two if I’m using it right, as the heat, texture, and yes, the vibrations, really do the trick. More than once I’ve decided to go full force with it, with no effort to hold off, and I came in under a minute. Considering I normally have above-average stamina (though not porn standards), that speaks well of the effect of the Fleshlight.

So what’s my overall verdict here? Well, I’ll be honest: I can’t quite recommend the Vibro as heartily as I’d overall recommend you get ANY Fleshlight. While I do enjoy the vibration, and if that’s a specific turn-on of yours I’d say it might be for you, if I were spending the money right now I’d be more likely to spend the extra price on one of the Fleshlight Girls lines which allow you to fuck the actual molded pussy, ass, or mouth of your favorite porn star instead of the generic design (along with some really cool exclusive textures), save a little and have the really cool experience of watching my cock in action inside the Fleshlight Ice line (they’re transparent, and the new ones have a really killer texture; this as at the top of my personal wish list), or save more money and get the smaller, slightly more discrete (but not really), and actually TIGHTER Sex-in-a-Can line. But really, whichever one you get, if you’re in the market for a good, solid sex toy, I would really have trouble recommending anything more than a Fleshlight. I think they should be your first serious investment in your orgasms. There’s other toys I like (and I’m equally excited about the next one I’ll review, but in a different way), but this is a standard any guy who takes getting off seriously should have.

So overall I DO recommend the Fleshlight Vibro, but I only recommend it over its non-vibrating brethren if vibration is your thing. Otherwise get any of the other ones I noted above, without fail.

And that concludes my latest review. I’ve got some good stuff on the way that I’m finally ready to review, including a toy (or set of toys) that are almost the complete opposite of the Fleshlight Vibro and arguably just as much fun. So stay tuned for that. review

This is one of the easiest reviews I’ve had to write, although it’s been a long time in the making. Much of that’s because I was having too much fun with it to want to take the time to analyze it instead of just enjoying it. But it’s time to finally write the review. is a VOD (video-on-demand) site full of porn. It’s that simple. Now unlike the myriad of YouTube porn ripoffs streaming amateur flash video or stolen clips from legit films, this is essentially ALL DVD releases streaming on-demand over the ‘net on a pay basis. But instead of buying movies or paying recurring subscription fees (which I hate), you simply buy minutes. And I’ve got to say, the pricing is much, much more reasonable than I assumed it was, with as small a packaged as 30 minutes for $6, 120 minutes (2 hours) for $14.95, and various other amounts. And considering how much I’ve gotten off from watching a few minutes here and there in the 100 minutes I was provided for review (and I’ve still got 56 minutes left), you can really have a lot of fun for a small amount of money. Keep in mind, prices are presumably subject to change, so check the site for yourself for the latest package deals.

So what does the site provide? Well, it seems to provide pretty much everything I tried to find. From mainstream releases to obscure stuff, it’s here. I could search for pretty much any fetish, kink, or anything else I wanted and find something I wanted to see (including one of my best friends, no joke). There’s quite a few kinks I find difficulty finding good video of on the standard free sites, or when I do there’s little of it. I did much better on here, finding entire DVDs or DVD series dedicated to my interests.

Each title includes the box art; full description of the film; full cast list with links to pages that list every other film they’re in; a scene index of screen caps; scene details which break down what’s in each scene including the acts performed, full descriptions of the performers (ethnicity, size, breast size, hair color, shaving status, dick size, you name it), and details on things like what sort of money shot is in that scene. Pretty much everything you’d want to know is available, or at least can be. Both its weakness and strength are that the data is added in, almost wiki-style, by the viewers themselves, so each film is at the mercy of whoever enjoyed it and felt dedicated enough to put in the info. But plenty do, and it keeps improving.

You have the ability to comment on or review movies, add the movie or scene to favorites, save it for later, or tag it in some way. You can also make private notes on the videos (I sometimes had trouble finding this, though, and it seems to be only when it’s in the Favorites list), which I used on one video to write down the place I left off since there doesn’t seem to be a bookmark feature.

Search functionality is detailed, letting you search by title, star, anything, use an advanced search to narrow down individual categories or other factors, and you can browse the site using all sorts of criteria that help you find what you’re looking for.

The actual video is streamed using various format options, with me settling quickly on Silverlight as the most effective within Firefox. It takes a few moments to bring up the video, and I found that it does resize my browser twice before I can resize it back. Quality depends on which you choose, with three to four options depending on the video. On my connection speed the higher ones worked great, although some videos had odd skipping issues at the highest. Overall though I was happy with the quality of the videos and the ability to scrub through them and move to the spot I wanted. And all the scene details and other recommendations are listed along the bottom (but can be hidden) to make it easy to change your plan mid-stream.

In our current time of instant gratification, staying at home, and easy access to anything we want, I think this service fits in perfectly. And if you’re ready to knock off pirating the work of your favorite porn stars and directors and start putting your money where your dick is, this is one of the more affordable options available and is genuinely easier than piracy, which for many people is the whole point.

I’d recommend at least picking up the smallest package of 30 minutes (although 69 minutes is only $3.95 more at this time) and get yourself off a few times. I can honestly pretty much guarantee you’ll be buying more minutes. I know I’ll be rebuying once my minutes are up, and I’m a cheap bastard.

If you want to sign up for please click through that link as I do get credit for the referral, with complete disclosure to you. But as you’ve read with other reviews, I don’t mind speaking poorly of products that deserve it. This one happened to be one of the best I’ve review though.

Thanks for reading, and I really do hope you try out this site. It’s genuinely something I can recommend without reservation, which is a rare treat.

Tom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 10 - Review

Hey, my first DVD review! This should be kind of fun, right? I got three DVDs to review and decided to start with this one because who doesn’t love blow jobs?

The premise is, obviously, pretty simple. 10 “sluts” as the cover art is nice enough to inform us, and 100% blow jobs — nothing else. Truly. No masturbating, no sex, nothing else.

And, quite honestly, that’s where I probably should have realized the DVD would lose me. Well, that and one other place, but I’ll explain more on that in a minute. See, the thing is, while I LOVE a good blow job, simply watching one, for me, isn’t THAT fantastic, at least not without something extra special going on. I’ve seen good blow job videos before (such as The Art of Blow Job), my porn interests were practically weaned on Heather from iDeepThroat, and watching a girl take a huge cock, or use unusual techniques, teasing, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, or just a sense of style can grace can make a blow job a lot of fun to watch. But even a bland blow job is fine in the context of most porn videos because you’ve got plenty more going on. You’ve got a pretty naked girl, you’ve got tits, pussy, ass, penetration of all sorts, different positions, etc. It’s the sum total. Plus at the end you’ve got the literal and figurative climax of a good cumshot to tie it all up and make it all worth it.

This DVD, unfortunately, seemed somewhat lacking on a lot of that. Don’t get me wrong, they picked some very cute girls for the video, and they seem quite skilled with their mouths. I would probably be extremely happy to have ANY of them go down on me without the slightest complaint (although I know I’d be likely to insist on at least returning the favor). But what they don’t do is anything special. They lick, they suck, they pump, and that’s about it. No master technique, no sign that they were picked for being exceptionally skilled with their tongues, nothing that makes my toes curl to watch it, or make me think I’d have serious stamina problems if they kept it up. A few girls stand above the others, but not dramatically so.

As for the rest, that’s where it’s especially lacking. A couple of the girls do strip teases before starting the blow job, with only a few brief shots of pussy, and nearly all of them are topless during the blow jobs, but there’s not a lot of play. Pretty much no real masturbating (except for Rachel Roxxx who I’ll definitely give credit to for taking a couples breaks to shove her finger in and out a few times before licking it clean), virtually no teasing, and certainly no sex. I realize that this is the point of the video, but I also realize that clearly that’s not what I’m after.

Despite knowing that just standard blow jobs aren’t that big of a whoop for me on video, I did pick to review this DVD anyway for one specific reason: with blow jobs come facials, and if you know me, you know how much I love a good facial. Watching a girl take a load of cum across her face or in her mouth, and especially swallowing it, is all I need to enjoy myself, and everything else could have been a total letdown and I’d still be pretty happy with those. And yet the DVD even seemed to fail for me here, too. For one thing, nearly NONE of the girls swallowed. Assuming they even left their mouths open (some made an effort not to), most were careful to spit it all back out on themselves and not leave a drop to go down their throats. Rachel Roxxx again manages to stand out here for using her fingers to get plenty of it in her mouth once he was done, but she was a rare exception.

Worst of all, the guy getting blown in every video commits what’s pretty much the cardinal sin for me in cumshots: he always takes over when he starts to cum. Seriously, the girl just spent 15 minutes sucking and pumping his cock, but can’t be trusted to finish the job? I want to see HER hand pumping him through the orgasm, finishing her work, and reveling in it as she pumps every last drop out of him. I don’t want to merely see him using her face in place of the rag he’d jerk off onto if he was alone. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that some of the logic here is that the physical mechanics of aiming a cock at your own face and accurately judging where the cum’s going to end up as it’s streaming out is probably pretty complicated, and he’s trying to preserve the integrity of the cumshot by not risking that. And that logic would work fine if he seemed to be any good at it. But not only do many of his cumshots manage to miss meaningful targets (although there are a couple beauties, but often thanks to the girl moving to take the hit), but one of the most promising from Holly Fox ends up completely ruined by him, as she actually seems to be carefully guiding his cock to blow its contents into her pretty, willing, and waiting mouth only to have him PULL HIS COCK AWAY and blast most of his load onto the carpet. Dude, you had a true cumshot pro ready to take your load in her mouth and you ruined it by trying to take control. What a waste of a talented and willing girl.

I don’t want to give the impression that this was a terrible video. Quality of recording and sound was great, overall pick of girls was really strong with a nice, wide range of body and personality types, and there were some really good highlights, some of which I’ll pick out below. It just left me noticing a lot of areas where it lacked what I personally wanted and expected from it.

Girls worth seeing: Rachel Roxxx stands out heavily for her skill, enthusiasm, visible pussy, masturbating, apparent love of cum, and post-orgasm sucking; Haley Sweet’s cute body and adorable slit were a joy to watch; Luscious Lopez for a little crack-fucking and pussy peek at the beginning; Holly Fox takes a short break from her blow job to show off her fantastic body and lovely pussy between nicely-spread cheeks, and tries unsuccessfully to collect his load in her mouth; and an initially brief glimpse of Rebeca Linares’ fine ass which she later plays with and spreads for us to show off her pussy, and a little bit of titty-fucking.

Best cumshots: Rachel Roxxx’s enthusiastic cleanup; Haley Sweet’s well-plastered body (even if half ended up on the carpet); Holly Fox’s almost desperate attempt to collect his load on her tongue is nearly as hot as if she had succeeded; and Rebeca Linares for a well-streaked facial finale.

Final verdict: I can’t quite recommend buying Tom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 10, but I would recommend watching it in VOD at SexToy TV (I have an upcoming VERY positive review of this site) and being able to easily watch the highlights I mentioned above, or find your own. There’s definitely some good moments that stand out from an otherwise relatively uninspired video.

And that’s it for this review. I’m not sure what I’ll be reviewing next, but I’ve got a few toys I definitely have some great things to say about, and a couple more DVDs, including Hit Me With Your Best Squirt (also from Tom Byron) which will get a MUCH better review than today’s.

Review - The Magnum Pump

This will actually be one of my shorter reviews, simply because the result is pretty much expected by all, as it was by me when I set out to do it. That said, there are a few small twists.

The product in question is The Magnum Pump, which is a premium-grade penis pump from Doc Johnson. It’s a rather good quality build, with solid parts. The seal it produces is good with a minimum of leakage if you don’t move around, occasionally needing to repump to gain pressure.

As for what the product does, the box is rather unclear. It includes warnings about being sold as a novelty item, but beyond instructions to insert your penis into the chamber until it’s pressed against the base to produce a seal, not much else is said.

The obvious implications are well known, though, and something I loosely decided to test. Supposedly penis pumps can increase penis size. The reality is, within a few small sessions it was quite clear that biology simply doesn’t allow for suction to produce this effect. It can increase blood flow to the penis, puff up the skin, and make it fuller for a few minutes, but it’s not going to make any actual changes. And really, THAT’S THAT on the subject of penile enlargement.

But those aren’t necessarily its only uses, which is why the review’s not fully clean cut. There are two other uses that come to mind that are worth noting.

One is the masochistic use. The pressure produced by the unit can be quite strong, and somewhat difficult to wear even at a measurement of merely 1 on whatever scale the meter uses. The meter goes all the way up to 30. If you’re the type who’s unconcerned about short-term damage from blown blood vessels (I know there are people with fetishes that involve far worse), I could imagine you’d get a real kick out of the pressure. I’ve got a tiny masochistic streak myself, and I kind of got a kick out of the feel of it. The device is fun for that, and I could really imagine it being used with a partner who pumps away at it with no apparent concern for her partner’s discomfort, or uses it as torture or punishment. I suspect the device could be quite fun there.

The other use which is better-known is to assist with erectile difficulties. Now this isn’t really a problem I have experience with (sometimes they’re there when I want them to go away the most), but I still experimented with it under conditions I am familiar with. I’m not, generally speaking, quick to get back to business after I get off. At worst I’ve been known to go hours before I’m ready again, although on the rarest occasions if I’m given 5-10 minutes and a nice warm mouth around my cock I can recover. Most of the time it’s somewhere in the middle. Knowing this, I purposefully pulled out the toy about two minutes after masturbating and achieving orgasms, once my erection had fully subsided. I lubed up, which had absolutely no effect on my dick, inserted it, waited a minute to be sure the mere stimulation didn’t do anything, and then pumped up the pressure. I achieved full erection quite literally within about 10 seconds. While I didn’t get myself off again (I had no real mental stimulation to assist), I managed to maintain that erection while trying. So I could definitely see this being useful for continuing a session that ended too early, or where your partner’s not ready to end the night. And for that there’s real value.

This particular toy is, by no stretch of the imagination, on the cheaper side of the cost scale. But having once before owned one of the cheap models as a gag gift, the price difference accounts for a lot.

No cut and dry answer on whether you should buy this. See if anything I wrote above resonates with you and make your call from there. 

Catch you later!

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