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The Horniest Man in the World - Chapter 2

For previous chapters in this story, along with author’s notes, please click here.


My normal life kept me busy for the three months since I got my qualification letter, and before I knew it, I was landing in Mexico. I hopped a shuttle to the resort, which wasn’t more than 30 minutes from the airport, and fumbled my bags up to the exceptionally attractive concierge, who, based on complexion, appeared to be a native. As I opened my mouth to speak, I suddenly found myself very confused and nervous. How, exactly, was I supposed to explain to this attractive, professional young woman why I was here, and find out what to do next?

“Hello,” I stammered. “Uh, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go, but… I… I’m…”

“Are you here for the competition?” she asked with a calming smile on her face and perfect, unaccented English. There wasn’t so much as a hint of judgment, just cheery professionalism. Perhaps she hadn’t been clued in on what the event was about?

“Well, I think so,” I replied. “Is there… is there only one being held this weekend?”

“Yes,” she calmly confirmed without a hint of recognition.

“The, uh… the horn—” I started to verify.

“The Horniest Man in the World competition?” she replied with the same, non-judgmental glow.

I laughed and sighed in relief.

“I’m sorry,” I responded. “I’m normally not this nervous, but it hadn’t crossed my mind I’d have to say that out loud to a perfect stranger. Especially one as pretty as you.”

She didn’t exactly blush, but the smile on her face warmed slightly past the professional demeanor veneer.

“That’s sweet,” she said, “but not to worry, I’m fully aware of the competition and you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. I think the whole thing’s fantastic.”

“Well, that’s good,” I said. “I didn’t want to assume you were a prude or anything, but even people who aren’t still have their boundaries. I don’t like making women uncomfortable by talking about stuff they weren’t in the mood for.”

“Relax, you can’t ever approach the worst of what I hear,” she responded with a calming laugh. “I get a lot of comments, some of which are pretty crude. I try to put myselves in the shoes of the guy dishing them out, and if it feels like he didn’t realize how badly it came across, I try to just take it as the compliment he was aiming for. But I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t dished out a few knees to the groin.”

My legs moved slightly, almost by reflex, as I said, “well, I’ll do my best never to make you uncomfortable.”

She laughed and said, “something tells me you’d never cross a line without a written invitation. I think your balls should feel perfectly comfortable with me.”

I watched her face for a moment to see if she was aware of just how I might take what she had said, but all I got was the same warm, more personal smile she’d relaxed into and her piercing eyes centered on mine. Finally I broke the silence.

“So what happens now?”

“Oh, of course,” she said as she broke my stare and looked back at her computer. “The event is avoiding using contestants’ names, for their own comfort and privacy, so believe it or not I’m supposed to just take your word for it that you’re supposed to be here and assign you a room.”

“Couldn’t anyone just walk in off the street?”

“Well, I guess they could,” she replied, “but it’s not as though the details were well-advertised. If you weren’t invited, you probably won’t know. And from what I hear, anyone who didn’t qualify would probably be eliminated from the competition pretty quickly, anyway, and if not and they happen to win, well… good for them, right?”

I nodded. Made sense. She typed away on her computer a bit, grabbed a key card from under the desk, swiping it through the machine, and handed it over to me. The feel of her hand against mine made me shudder slightly. Hopefully subtly enough that she didn’t notice. I’m sure I had touched other women despite my six-month sexual dry spell, but this one just seemed so pleasant, so personable, that the touch meant a little more. Either way, her smile once again didn’t falter, and neither did her gaze, so hopefully I was in the clear.

“You’re in room 217. Take the elevator on your right, and make a left when you get off. It’ll be on the left side. You’ll find a welcome packet in your room with instructions for tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much,” I said as I picked up my bags. “You’ve really put me at ease.”

“It’s my pleasure, I assure you. If you need anything from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

I smiled, wishing to myself I could take that offer as far as I wanted, and began to walk away.

“And good luck tomorrow!” she called out. “I’ll be rooting for you all the way!”

I faltered slightly in my step. Was she planning on attending? Was there going to be an audience? Was this sweet young lady I’d shared an awkward conversation with going to be watching me jerking it tomorrow and cheering for me? What a weird first way for a woman I was attracted to to see me sexually. I found my cheeks beginning to redden, even as I also felt my cock begin to harden. I walked faster and boarded the elevator to my room.

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The Horniest Man in the World - Chapter 1

Welcome to my new multi-part series, The Horniest Man in the World. You can follow the episodes in order, along with any notes I have about them, in this link here. This is a bit of a departure for me, as this story doesn’t follow the kinks I usually portray. While most of it is relatively vanilla (at least by my standards), it does have a rather extreme twist near the end. While I’d love to just let it hit you, it’s probably safer that you know now to expect something pretty out-of-left-field. Chapter 1 is admittedly lower on action than ALL later chapters, but I tried my best to spice it up as much as I could to keep your interest. Trust me, I truly believe it’ll be worth it to enjoy what’s to come later.


“Too horny.”

I’d heard that phrase more than I’d liked. From others, but also from myself.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that on a slow day, I usually masturbate at least three times. And that’s if work’s got me so busy I barely have time to take a leak. On a weekend day home alone, or when I’m not slammed with projects? Five or six orgasms is probably typical, at least with time in between to relax.

Single is pretty much my natural state, for a variety of reasons, but this tends to be one of the primary ones. None of the girls I’ve dated seem to be able to handle my appetite. Some claim they’re happy to try, or even get excited when they hear about it, but even the best of them I’ve literally worn out within a few days of them trying to keep up. And nothing builds up a sense of inadequacy in even the most self-assured of women more than them watching you sitting in front of your computer jacking off to porn not 30 minutes after putting your third load of the day inside her. It gets to them. It gets to me. I never again need to hear what an “amazing” guy I am followed by the word “but.”

So porn has pretty much been my most reliable and consistent partner, as pathetic as it sounds. As it should sound. As it sounds in my own head. That and a steady collection of toys to break up the monotony of the feeling of my own hand. I have subscriptions to a variety of sites, not to mention constantly trolling my favorite amateur free sites for new content. I’m a member of a wide variety of newsgroups, forums, FetLife groups, you name it. When you jack off as much as I do, you quickly realize how vital variety is, and you develop a pretty wide range of kinks just to keep things fresh.

At this point I can’t even remember what newsgroup or forum I was on when I saw the ad, but the subject caught my eye instantly:

“Are you the Horniest Man in the World? Prove it and win the ultimate prize…”

While I was no stranger to spam, this looked a bit different from the usual ads promising to hook me up with hot young women in “my area.” So I clicked, ready to click the yellow Report triangle as soon as I was done.

How horny are you? Above average? Way above average? The horniest man you know?

Well that’s not going to cut it. Our committee is seeking applicants to prove a great deal more than that. That’s right. In a one-of-a-kind competition unlike any that has come before, or will ever come again, we seek to crown the lifetime title of World’s Horniest Man.

The winner gets the title, but that’s not all. He’ll also get a two-week all-expenses-paid stay in a luxurious, exotic, secluded five-star resort spa suite where he’ll be accompanied by all seven beautiful female judges from the competition. All seven women will stay with you for the entire length of your vacation, treating you to 24-hour hands-on service for every single one of your needs. And while these lovely, fit, open-minded, and very talented ladies will bring everything needed to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible, the one thing they won’t be packing is a single scrap of clothing. We’d say more about the treatment you can expect, but our lawyers have assured us that some things just can’t be put in writing. Your imagination will have to fill in the details for you, unless you’re lucky, and horny, enough to win and find out firsthand.

So how do you enter? Quite simple. Record a single, unedited video of no longer than 15 minutes with you masturbating to full, visibly ejaculating orgasm, at least 3 times. After each completed orgasm you may use whatever techniques, short of the direct outside assistance of a third party, to regain or maintain your erection before attempting your next orgasm. And that’s it. Submit your video following the above rules to the email address of this post and wait for further word. All qualifying submissions will be contacted with further instructions on when and where the main challenge will be held.

Good luck, and we hope to see you come!”

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Upcoming story series

So a few weeks ago I finally got a sense of inspiration and wrote a new story. It’s a little outside of my usual focus, though. In the past I’ve written stories about cuckolding, I’ve written mini-stories about general sexual escapades, I’ve written stories about teasing, I’ve written stories about sexual humiliation (of either gender), and more recently I’ve focused on chastity stories, since that’s been my biggest publicly-focused kink.

The new story doesn’t touch on virtually any of that. It involves a rather unusual competition, a lot of masturbating, some teasing, some good sex, a very awkward setting, and an ending that I wish not to give away here, but that could only be fairly called “extreme.” It steps beyond any kinks I’ve discussed, and may or may not be shocking to some people. I’ll say that it’s not snuff, nor pedophilia, nor incest, nor scat, nor bestiality. Those are the only hot buttons I can think of that I should let people know it doesn’t encompass. If you feel safe with what would remain, then you should continue on.

One problem I ran into is that what started as a simple idea quickly grew to a much, much longer story than I had planned. As someone who’s read a lot of erotica, particularly within the vein of the kink this story leads into, I have a real problem with lack of realism. It yanks me out of the story. It’s not so much realism in issues of physiology or technology or STD/pregnancy risks or things like that (although some, yes, push some limits). It’s mostly realism in human motivations, reactions, thought processes, interactions, dialog, etc. When a bunch of people in a story are happy about something no normal human in real life would be happy about, I can’t just suspend disbelief and accept humans are different in this world. When a person is unbothered by something everyone should be bothered by, and there was no sign he was a psychopath or sociopath before that, it ruins it for me. So as the story progressed, I had to fill in believable characters and emotions and dialog and reactions. And I also needed to build to the event in question, which required a lot more to occur, almost all of which is very sexy and required some variety and attention to detail, which often led to new ideas I couldn’t resist incorporating. So the story eventually ballooned into something too large to publish in one chunk, intelligently, forcing me to split it up into chapters.

So over the length of my chastity sentence, I’m going to slowly release the chapters of this “short” story I’ve written, taking a little time with each chapter to make sure the breaks I didn’t plan for when writing it come out smoothly, and doing one last proofread and review for each before publishing it. I don’t know if I can accurately time the final chapter for my release for a number of reasons, so it may go past, or it may all get pushed out sooner. Who knows? Anyway, I’m aiming for the first chapter to go up today, but we’ll see. Keep an eye out for it. The series is called The Horniest Man in the World,  and all the parts as they’re released, and my notes about it, can be tracked via the appropriate tag at the bottom of this post.

Also, if you’re looking for more content in my previous series, Chastity Games, I hope to produce some more of that while my mind is clearly overwhelmed with the topic for the next month or so. I hit kind of a wall with the last one, as the upcoming combination of circumstances just didn’t have me that excited to write. So I’m going to need to think carefully about how to spice it up as opposed to retconning it to give me better range. But I’m not opposed to that if it’s necessary to get me off my ass to continue the story.

A Tight Position

The last hour had been torturously blissful. Jane started it all with one very simple instruction: “Don’t come until I say you can.” I knew better than to test that order. From there it was all uphill, or down, depending on your perspective.

I found myself immediately smothered by her freshly-shaved pussy lips, ass cheeks planted over my eyes, nose fighting to draw in any air it could, tinted strongly by her addictive scent. Moments later I was greeted with the sensations of her mouth fully enveloping my already-erect cock.

After her first orgasm, and my first act of extreme restraint in not filling her mouth simultaneously, Jane switched things up, sliding her well-licked cunt down my shaft and riding it through her second orgasm, watching my eyes intently for signs of my state and adjusting her pace to keep me as close as possible without forcing me to break her demand.

Eventually she flipped herself over and presented her ass in the air for me, finally giving me a little bit of control. I shoved myself deep with enthusiasm and built up as fast a pace as I could manage in an effort to take back just a hint of the power in our evening. But that was pretty short-lived as my pending orgasm nearly got the better of me and I was forced to pull out. Once I calmed enough I started up again, at a more reasonable pace, and worked Jane up into one more orgasmic frenzy before I was once again forced to stop for fear of the unknown penalty.

Finally Jane moved into her endgame. I could tell from the look in her eyes as she told me to lie down that I wasn’t far off from my release, and she was going to milk it for all it was worth.

She got between my legs and began to use her tongue to work all my most sensitive spots as her hand gently, slowly, and deliberately worked my shaft. She licked my balls expertly, finding the transition point between them and my inner thigh that always got me going. She worked her way down, tickling my asshole with her tongue, and pressing in lightly. She worked her way up the shaft, replacing her tongue with her fingers along my perineum, and focusing her attention on the head of my cock. She filled her mouth and throat with my shaft and tickled the underside of my cock with her tongue the whole time.

This went on for easily 15 minutes, and every single time her movements got into a rhythm that was sure to get me off, she’d shift to something new, leaving me to build all over again. I was beginning to feel like I was going to burst. I knew from experience that with this level of teasing and attention, my orgasm when it finally came was going to be huge, overwhelming, and hard. While I wanted to come in her mouth, badly, part of me wanted to watch the fireworks of the forceful ejaculation that I knew this kind of treatment was going to produce. When I’d been teased this badly in the past and pulled out of her pussy to watch me come across her body, we’d had to clean cum off the headboard when I was done.

Finally, with me the closest to the edge I’d found myself that night, Jane pulled her mouth away from my glans, and said, “go get the cage.”

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I’m thinking of writing up a short story I’ve had rattling around in my head the last couple of days. The base concept of it managed to get me off early yesterday, and I feel like committing it to a full form. It’ll probably be on the pretty short side, though, and a one-off. Like most of my creative outlets these days, it leans on my chastity kink.

Chastity Games - Part 7: 30 Seconds to Ruin

This is a work of pure fantasy. While some effort has been made to fit this within a realistic scenario and setting, a few aspects of reality may be ignored for the sake of fun. All the usual rules apply (don’t try this at home, this is not based on a true story, etc.). For explanation of series and previous parts, click here.

True to her word, Marlene was downright giddy by the following morning. Unsurprisingly I was awakened by her ass in my face, and I quickly got to work with my tongue. She was clearly plenty worked-up as it took less than a minute before I felt her thighs clamp down around my head and her moisture bloom against my face.

But after she came down she quickly reseated herself against my lips and said, simply:


This one took more time and effort, and I worked my right hand out from under her leg to finger her too, and after about five minutes I managed to bring her to a slightly weaker orgasm. She seemed more satisfied with this one, though, and hopped off me to go take a shower before work. She whistled the entire time.

Before leaving Marlene gave me a long, deep, tongue-filled kiss and roughly manhandled my caged cock through my pajama bottoms.

“Have fun without me today,” she said with a wink, and left.

I settled in for a day of work. And porn.


Looking at the timestamp on the sext I got from Marlene that morning told me she’d wasted no time after arriving at her office before snapping her first picture. And it was a doozy, too: an upskirt of her shaved, pantiless pussy at her desk. I was instantly in pain primarily because I knew her desk had no front, and wasn’t obscured from the rest of her office. Had anyone been glancing her way when she snapped the picture they would have gotten the same sight I just did. Fucking hot.

She followed up throughout the day with various texts.

I’m so wet right now. I bet you could pull your cock out of my pussy and shove it straight into my ass. Who needs lube? Oh, but you’re in a cage.

I just got myself off at my desk. I hope nobody heard. I might have gotten a little noisy at the end. Too bad you can’t come, too.

I can’t keep my fingers out of my pussy. I wonder if they’ll prune. I bet you wish your cock was in me instead. I bet that metal isn’t as warm. Or wet.

The onslaught continued, only abated by more shots of her pussy, with her legs spread further each time.

By the time she came home I was horny enough that I didn’t need to be asked to take care of her. I took her straight to the bedroom, and as soon as I found how wet she was I found her largest toy and began to work it into her tight pussy. It was never easy to get it inside her, but the walls of her cunt had never been this slick when we’d tried before, and with enough effort I finally got it inside her to the hilt, greeting me with an instant orgasm.

I waited for her to work her way down before I climbed on top of her, in what would have felt like 69 if my cock could enter her mouth, and began to tongue her clit while I carefully worked the large toy in and out of her just enough to please her, but not enough to risk it popping out again after all that work we’d put in. The combo did the trick and she was coming again just as quickly as I’d gotten her back off that morning. I finally collapsed next to her, tired from my efforts, and still untouched.

We fell asleep.


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Chastity Games - Part 5: A Caged Challenge

This is a work of pure fantasy. While some effort has been made to fit this within a realistic scenario and setting, a few aspects of reality may be ignored for the sake of fun. All the usual rules apply (don’t try this at home, this is not based on a true story, etc.). For explanation of series and previous parts, click here.

Marlene started my new week of chastity a lot lighter. She let me sleep in on my first morning of confinement without pussy-eating duties. I’d never thought I’d be relieved to not have to eat pussy, but my jaw and tongue needed a break after the previous week.

While she was at work, I went about my usual day, which included some self-frustration while reviewing my usual sources of pornographic intrigue. It was at this point that I started to think seriously about the predicament I was in.

The machine had sentenced me to one of the worst release scenarios on the wheel. The only way I’d have any chance of freedom from the cage once my week was up was if I managed to come IN the cage first. And not just in it. Unlike the experience I had with my first cage, pumping the device with my hands to produce friction, for this release I couldn’t use my hands. Not to mention the little experimenting I had done already made it clear that I couldn’t get the same level of grip from this design. That meant I was going to have to get creative.

So while I looked at porn, I began to experiment, moving the cage with my hand in various ways, sitting in different positions, flexing my muscles to produce different pulls. I eventually found that, when I flexed my internal muscles just right, I could get a little bit of pull against the cage that felt kind of good. It wasn’t anything orgasm-inducing, but it gave me hope that, when I was worked-up enough, which I imagine I would be by the time my week was up, maybe, just maybe, I could get somewhere.


The week progressed very slowly, with a continued lack of sexual contact from Marlene. It was pretty surprising, actually, given her usual heavy desire. I awoke each morning expecting a pussy in my face only to find her either still asleep or getting up for the day. She stayed clothed around me most of the time, and never so much as looked at my caged cock. But on more than one occasion I heard a familiar buzzing sound coming from the bathroom that clued me in to her secret. But not a word was spoken by her about it, and all the evidence carefully hidden-away to give me nothing to build excitement off of. She was clearly bent this time on not working me up.

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Chastity Games - Part 4: The First Sentence

This is a work of pure fantasy. While some effort has been made to fit this within a realistic scenario and setting, a few aspects of reality may be ignored for the sake of fun. All the usual rules apply (don’t try this at home, this is not based on a true story, etc.). For explanation of series and previous parts, click here.

We both knew things were different this time. We could each feel the differences, even if we didn’t directly address them.

In our previous play there was always an escape. She always had the key, and she could always release me if she wanted (or, as we learned the hard way, even if she didn’t fully want to), and I suppose I knew on some subconscious level that I could convince her, find or steal the key, or at least break out of one of the devices we had used.

But now neither of us had these options. The key was out of her hands, and the locking screw was beyond even the hope of a power drill. The gravity of it sunk in quickly. I tried not to think of potential emergencies that could arise in this state, focusing on positive thoughts all the way through. And I was glad neither of us was much for travel as I couldn’t imagine going through an airport security check in one of these things.

Despite my initial reaction being one that approached a slightly depressed withdrawal, Marlene’s was anything but. She was clearly determined to enjoy the new level of strength she had in her position, and my new level of desperation-tinted loss, to the fullest.

That night I came to bed to find her already having some fun under the sheets. When I pulled them back I was surprised to find she had one of her larger toys buried nearly to the hilt in her glistening pussy. As I climbed into bed next to her Marlene mounted me wordlessly, toy clenched tightly inside her, and settled herself over my now-aching crotch.

I watched her use her hands to carefully position the base of the toy, complete with silicone ball-sack base, on top of my confining cage. She then reached up, grabbed my right hand, and placed it firmly around the toy’s balls, holding it well in place. Then she grabbed my other hand and placed my middle finger against her clit, just barely visible past the front lips of her well-stretched, well-filled pussy.

And then she began to grind. Using my body as a human mounting bracket, and my finger to work her delightful clit, Marlene fucked her toy cock almost exactly as though it was mine, sprouting from my crotch like the result of a magic spell gone very wrong.

I watched her face as her moans grew in intensity to match the increasingly violent thrusts of her body along the long, thick shaft. I watched her eyes which, while mostly closed, never once looked at me. In that moment she was clearly, keenly aware that I wasn’t inside her; that I was merely a tool to assist her in her need for release.

Soon she began to reach the ends of her limits, and her thrusts took on their most extreme depths. The toy had managed to penetrate her fully on her downward strokes, and her upward moves were so strong they threatened to rip the toy from my hand. And soon enough they succeeded, and she crashed down onto my body, toy impaled inside her, as her orgasm finally hit her.

I felt the toy nearly shoot out of her freshly-tightened pussy and down the bed between our legs as her crotch landed on my cage. I worried for a moment that she had been hurt, but the cries that escaped her lips were purely pleasure, and I relaxed, as best I could, and watched her ride it out.

As her orgasm finally subsided, and without another word, Marlene rolled off me and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to pressure on my face and a smothering sensation. It took a few second of opening my obscured vision, and adjusting to the feelings and scents before my fresh consciousness allowed me to recognize the ass in my face and pussy aligned with my mouth. I began to eat greedily.

“Good morning, lover,” I heard past Marlene’s round cheeks.

I mumbled out the best representation of the words I could create through my “breakfast.”

“So I was thinking last night,” Marlene continued. “With your lockdown sentence at only three days, that’s really not particularly hard for you. Or me.”

I said nothing. Obviously.

“Plus I can’t let the machine do ALL the work, now can I?” She asked rhetorically. “So here’s my idea. Since once your lockdown period is up, it’s still my responsibility to put the code in the machine and unlock you, I thought I’d give you an extra little challenge during these three days without your cock. Your mission, should you choose to accept it—wait, no, you don’t have a choice. Anyway, your job is to make me come.”

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Upcoming chapter

So I’m working on the next chapter of my Chastity Games story now. Sorry for the delay (assuming anyone out there cares), but stories like this require the right mood, and I just haven’t had it lately. Work, family, etc., all stressers that got me a little less than my usual horny self.

But part 4 is nearly done, and it’s turned out to be far more than I expected given the rather simple random results the end of part 3 dictated for it. This is the first “normal” chapter in the series, following the characters through the still-unnamed protagonist’s first machine-selected lockdown sentence and Marlene’s efforts to enjoy his teased state, followed by the fun of carrying out the required release restrictions. It has more sex in it, I think, than all three previous parts put together, and I had to actively make an effort to avoid blowing my creative wad too fully on this one so I have plenty to add to future stories. I think it’s also longer, too, which I hadn’t expected considering the slightly simplistic instructions the characters received. But I’ve had fun writing it.

So right now I’m just working on finishing up my proofreading and editing of the first draft. Once that’s done I’ll roll the virtual dice again and write the ending to the chapter, surprising me and the characters with the results and dictating where I go with part 5. Arguably the most exciting part.

Storytelling - Updates

So this evening I uploaded part 3 of my new erotica series, Chastity Games.

This chapter unveils the main mechanic of the series that will carry it for as long as I can manage or the mechanic gives out.

As revealed in the story, Marlene creates a device that randomly produces a combination of factors that produce the next lockdown, and release, scenario for her partner. After carefully determining the events and odds that will go into each of the four main wheels (time in lockdown, release method, release modifier, and time before next lockdown), they then set the device into action with our male lead’s chastity key locked inside until it’s done.

In order for me to write these stories effectively and truly demonstrate the random nature of this machine, I created an approximation of it myself in the form of a spreadsheet full of formulas and data. It recreates the contents of each wheel, the odds I wanted for each item, and randomly produces the results.

So when I wrote today’s chapter and reached the end, where they finally use the machine for the first time, I waited until that moment to “roll the dice,” and formulate the results of the first lockdown, ensuring that I was as clueless as possible until it was time to fit factors into the story. Without knowing what was going to happen, I was able to avoid the temptation to try to craft the preceding events to fit it, instead writing characters that were truly clueless.

I think this worked well, too, as surprisingly the results I got were perfect for this beginning. I was prepared to accept anything it gave me, no matter how extreme or mundane, but what it spit out was a great combination of a short initial time period, a mildly disappointing way for our character to enjoy his first free orgasm, a somewhat severe modification to that first orgasm to reinforce the frustration of the game, and a short but not unreasonable period before he gets to go back in. Honestly, it’s probably what I would have chosen for the start if I had done so myself.

From here the formula is set and this mechanic is going to play out. The next story will focus on the main character dealing with his first lockdown in the device, all the way through his unlocking, first orgasm, and what he does with the time he gets off from his cage. The story, much like this one, will end with him going back in and me re-rolling the dice to determine the results again, at the moment I write that section, surprising me and the characters along with it.

I have plans to keep it from getting mundane or formulaic. Besides all the surprises I’ve built into the system, and those fate will deal, I have a few twists to get us out of the more boring or repetitive outcomes. We’ll see how it all comes together as it does, but I’m excited about it and feel confident that I’m going to craft a great story about an exciting subject that goes beyond anything I’ve read online before. I hope you stay with me for it.

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