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This may be the most fucked-up thing I’ve seen all week that got me immediately, and very, hard.

Seriously, I’m quite lost by this one. I’m normally not technically into being tortured, or submissive. But I’ve recognized with my slight masochistic streak that there might be more I’d be interested in than I realized. But this got me turned on to a very startling degree. The rope play not drastically, although its use in this scenario appears physically necessary, so I’m good with it. The hot wax has ALWAYS intrigued me, and I imagine the heat of it as it dripped down and onto the fully-encrusted head of his cock and his balls had to have been intense, painful, and… well, very stimulating. Then there’s the fact that that candle is clearly jammed into his urethra. I’m pretty sure that’s painful (and will hurt for DAYS), and I’m not sure how I feel about it, besides the fact that it just fits the overall theme well. And finally there’s the open flame slowly working its way closer and closer to the head of his cock as the candle melts away onto his precious sex.

Yeah, this one’s got me a little shaken, I have to admit.

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I do really like this. I had talked to Venus about these topics, and to me this one describes well where I do and don’t enjoy inflicting pain sexually, or sexual torture. In this case, the clamps on her labia, and the ones on her nipples are perfect. But the ones on her thighs do nothing for me. Why? Because where I get off on this stuff is in reversing the most sexually-centered, pleasure-focused body parts into pain points. To me it’s taking something that normally leads a person to orgasm, or wriggling with pleasure, or toe-curling sensitive highs and driving it to the extreme opposite end. To me THAT’S where sexual sadism and masochism lie. I want them to hurt where they normally feel nothing but pleasure. Neutral zones or, worse yet, areas that already hurt when played with don’t work for me. I can appreciate the idea of having my cock hurt by a dominant partner, but not my balls. Why? My cock is all about pleasure. My balls ALREADY hurt if they’re tapped wrong. I’m not focused on them as a zone that makes me feel good. Likewise I like the idea of biting a partner’s clit or nipples, or clamping them like this. But thighs, legs, fingers, cheeks… not so much. I’m not saying it can’t work in the right circumstances (and biting may have been a bad example, as I do like biting just about anywhere), and I’m sure I could find them. I’m just saying, if I’m going to inflict sexual torture on my partner, my primary focuses are going to be erogenous zones and psychological. Because after all, what organ is more responsible for sexual pleasure than the brain?


*pinch, pinch, bzzzzzzzzzzz*


((post script: please, please, ask me things, please.)) 

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